CFHTT’s review of the Surrey Starlet showcase


On the 29th of January CFHTT attend   Surrey Starlets 11th Annual showcase.

We were invited to come down and give our followers an insight into the Surrey Starlets   11th annual showcase for the first time.

Here’s a little history about this Surrey Starlets

The Surrey Starlets were formed in 1998 when programme director Kim Cope formed an after school club in Chessington as a way for the youth of Surrey to keep off the streets and become part of an athletic team.  They have athletes ranging from 5-30 in age, the Surrey Starlets have gained success in competing both nationally and internationally and have been given the opportunity to represent Britain at the World Cheerleading Championships in 2007, 2013, 2014 with invitations to 2015, invitations to and competed in 2016 and soon to be 2017.

The showcase was held at Rosebery School where athletes debut their routine on a full size competition floor with competition back drop which has their Surrey Starlet logo on the back.


A Showcase is a great way to get rid of those first performance nerves so when you’re on the competition floor you can give it your all with lots of confident.

CFHTT arrived at the event and they had vendors selling a variety of products like cheer bows from Primacy Cheer, No Fear Cheer which sell and variation of cheer apparel.

We went inside and took our seats that were far right of the stage. The place was packed with 300 hundred people and 180 athletes performing. It was great to see so many cheerful parents supporting their athletes.

When the event started the athletes were doing tumble runs and then the host welcome us all.



Tanzanite Junior 4

Tanzanite junior 4 were welcome to the floor we could feel the nerves which are understandable as they were the first to perform. They did have some bobbles and a fall. They had some lovely layout and great standing tucks and kept fight throughout which is the most important thing.

Our favourite part of this routine was their tumble section almost everyone on this team tumble and almost all the tumbles ended in a layout what is what you want to see.


Kingston Cougar  Open senior 1

Kingston Cougars are coach by Surrey Starlet coach Emma and are University team who are a part of the Starlet family. Many of the Kingston Cougar athletes go on to join Surrey Starlet senior teams.

Their Open senior l 1 team took to the stage and started strong and but had bobbles with their entries into their lib section but recover well and ended with perfect  prep cradles and lovely extended straddle sits . They had lovely cartwheels but need to remember to have straight legs in their walkovers and working on their timing in the jump section.

Over this team seem little panic and need to remember to relax because they have the skills. They ended strong thought with a great pyramid and they had a lot of sass throughout.

Lavender junior 1

This team had great energy and really perform as a unit. They had lovely synchronized tumbles but need to remember to point those toes. This routine really use the floor well especially when tumbling.

Our favourite part of the routine was their pyramid and dance. The dance was very clean and the pyramid was entertaining.

They were also two Rec teams that performed, who work on the basic skill in cheerleading. The came on the stage and gave a cheerful performance that was very clean.

Mini 1 Lilac


Mini Lilac levels 1 were fearless, you could feel the passion, and they had that spark. We’re  always impressed when we see mini stunting. We were really captivated with their pyramid their prep to extension down to splits and back up to prep all by themselves ending with energetic dance that was very clean.


Violet senior 3

Violet senior 3 started with a pow  lovely explosive opening with  toe touch basket and powerful running tumble ending in tuck.

They had creative transition in their stunt sequences which is very important and gives the routine little extra. They had lovely twist basket and good heel stretches, The only thing we would say it to make sure you finish every moves properly but we understand when you have jam pack routine you do feel panic and forget you have more time them you realised. We love the dance great facial and sharp motion they really sold it to us. They point dancer with the blond hair was amazing we love her.

Byzantium senior 2


This team seem a bit tense and  some bobble and falls . They had strong twist up extension and lovely straight baskets and lots of tumbling from almost all the athletes. We saw some lovely front walkers ending in some around off back handspring. Our favourite part of this routine was they pyramid jam pack and they team really came together as one. They end with dance smiling throughout.

Kingston Cougar Gold  Open coed 3

Kingston Cougar Gold took to the floor but had several injuries and one athletes had internal bleeding. They had mistakes in their routines but  ended strong with a creative pyramid and they had great high on their twist basket.This team really got the crowd going. Everyone was cheering and clapping for them on.

Mulberry level 4


Fully enjoyed this routine from Mulberry yes they had bobbles but they sold it to us throughout. Constant high energy  always giving a bit of sassy. This routine was jam pack  keeping the energy high. They came on the mat looking to dominate, we love seeing a team who have that twinkle in their eyes. The flyer were giving that sass but we want a bit more. This routine overall was very clean especially their twitch up and their pyramid  This team are in a great position for the start of the season and we are excited to see their journey.

Last but by know mean least


Were Amethyst the team that all of the Surrey Starlet athletes look up

Amethyst came on the mat revealing their new uniform made by Varsity UK

uniform-revealAmethyst should feel proud this was a clean routine with beautiful double down and lovely stretches in their lib especially their scorps. Some great transition going into their tumble section  and we love the entire into pyramid and obviously their pyramid rocked the creativity was on point and it was a pleasure to watch. We especially love how they ended with  pyramid instead of dance also showing that this team has great stamina to still give it all in the dance and still end strong in the pyramid.

We enjoyed attending Surrey Starlet showcase and really felt the family vibes. At the end of all the performances Emma and Kim gave out awards for the best performer in each routine which is a lovely touch. It was also great to see all the athletes cheering each other on. Lastly All the athletes came together and gave Kim and Emma some flowers and present and just praise them for all their hard work.

We are excited to watch your Journey Surrey Starlets and can wait to watch you guys at the next Showcase in 2018


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Photography  by Vanessa Reid, Maddie Garry, Tiggy Idelson



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