Results from Future Cheer Heart of England 2017


Results for Crimson Heat Tigers
Senior 3 🎖1st
Senior 2 🎖1st
Junior 1 🎖st
Senior 3 and senior 2 both grand champs! 👑👑


Results for Gold Star Cheer & Dance
Eclipse 🎖3rd
Twilight 🎖2nd
Galaxy🎖 1st
Constellation🎖 2nd
Orion🎖 2nd
Eclipse🎖 4th
Nebula🎖 3rd
Supernova 🎖1st

Results for GCA


Result for Aces Cheer




16730561_1280175375407800_3615490568601144689_n (1).jpg

Results for East Coast Emeralds

Results for East Coast Emeralds
Senior Legacy 1st place,
Senior Intensity 2nd place,
Senior Elite 2nd place,
Youth Destiny 3rd place,
Junior Extreme 3rd place
Junior Supreme 5th place.

until next time guys

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