CFHTT review of Coventry Dynamite -2017 Showcase


On the 4th February Cheer From Head To Toe was invited to come down and give our followers an insight into the Coventry Dynamite 2017 Showcase.

The showcase was held at Woodlands Academy where one hundred and eighty athletes debut their routines front of four hundred supporters. This was done on a full size competition floor with an epic back drop by Power Nation.

We arrived and as usual there was a massive queue however we went straight in. We first met Sarah and the crew who were very welcoming and showed us to our seats which where next to Richard Hodgins ( Instagram @coach_Caric) and his lovely family. It was great to catch up with him and was quite pleasant to hear how his company has grown so much since our interview.

Throughout the event we met Mark Stephenson who was the host and Rheanne Hill who makes all the dynamic Coventry Dynamite video and pictures  make sure you give her a ( Instagram @rheanne.hill .)

As we walked around the room there were loads of companies, such as Championship Bows, Power Nation and the Cheer Bow Factory.  At the Cheer Bow Factory we met the lovely Nadine who is the Team Administrator for Team England Para Cheer. Nadine was selling Bows with £1.50 from of every bow going towards helping support Para Cheer.  It was lovely that Coventry allowed them to come down.

After having a look at all the vendors we took our seat and got ready for the show to begin. Sarah Biggs, head Coach of Coventry Dynamite welcomed us to the showcase and then handed it over to the Host of the evening Mark Stephenson. For every team that came to the floor Mark told us who coached that team and who the captain was, it was a nice touch and gave the coaches and captains a sense of pride.

Baby Grenades – Tiny Level 1



First to the floor were Baby Grenades. They were so cute; they had lots of forward rolls and cartwheels. Their opening stunt section was a ball stunt which melted your heart. Our favourite part was their pyramid with the hitches on either side.  This team were too cute for words.

Fusion – Youth level 3

fusion Fusion started with lovely choreography which went into twist baskets and a full team back handspring. We loved the transition into the stunt which the athletes really sold. They had a lot of passion. They need to really attack the stunts as much as they did their motions. They had bobbles and falls but they didn’t let it fade them. They had great timing on their jumps and we loved their punch front step out ending in a high tuck. They had great rebounds into their pyramid, lovely assisted-flipping stunts and sold brace cupies. Good job guys.


Explosion – Youth Level 1

explosionExplosion started with some divine walkovers and then straight into prep to straddle sit to arabesque tick tock to heel stretch. We noticed from the get go these ladies had sharp motions but need to work on their timing in their jump section. We really loves the jump to immediate forward roll such a simple move but it’s so dynamic. Our favourite part of this routine was their pyramid; it was very creative especially because they only had two stunt groups. They had a charming knee stand and shoulder sit with an energetic brace tick tock.

Detonate – Junior Level 1

detonateYou could feel the energy from Detonate it started with a boom very sharp motions and great timing in their jump section. The flyers were very confident and really went for it. We loved the transition they made when they were in a one leg flat back which went into a running tumble. Our favourite part of this routine was the gut lib which tick tock to arabesque. The synchronised tumble was on point and they had great pointed toes in their walkover which is very important to us. Their pyramid was demanding and they made it look easy. They had a beautiful gut to brace prep bow and arrows were gorgeous. We enjoyed the creative transition which allowed all the flyers to have their moment to shine in the pyramid. We loved this routine. Well done Detonate.

TNT – Junior Level 3


TNT started with great twisting baskets which had great height. Following that they went straight into a 360 to heel stretch pop up to extended scorpion. They did have problems with their twist to prone and we think that knocked their confident a bit. They had some great running tumbles and especially from a male athlete who had springs in his feet we are sure, lol. In their pyramid they had a brace switch up, tick tock, flip overs and much more. You should feel proud TNT.






Mini Missiles – Level 1

missiles-2Missals had a very hard routine for their age group. They did have some mistakes but kept performing throughout. They had an inventive pyramid and ended with a solid braced extension.

Nuclear – Senior Level 2

nuclearWe loved their first stunt sequence. Their handstand inversion to prep was impressive and very sharp. They had lovely rebounds into straight high baskets and some great toe touches in their jump sequence. They did have some problems in their pyramid but they kept selling it and never stop performing. They ended strong with gripping dance


Ignite – Coed 5

16587001_10155007389884250_4144798989962136839_oCoventry Ignite rank 5th in world last year so we had very high expectations for this performance so we were buzzing to see them perform. They came out on the mat ready to put on a show. The crowd went silent and they all got in their starting position. As usual they started with a bang, it was a lot for the eyes to take in and with so much going on we didn’t know where to look! Everyone was selling it, a very strong performance from the get go. They started with some partner stunt work which was a ball up to heel stretch and some impressive standing fulls. While athletes were tumbling across the floor they had full ups at the back which went into mini pyramid.  A lot happened and it was only 30 seconds into the routine.  Then they went to their opening stunt section; we loved the flat back twist up to cupie to scorpion then arabesque and lovely double down. It was absolutely stunning. In the back row they had a handstand to cupie although they didn’t all hit. Their main stunt section was very exciting to watch. They had the splits in this section which everyone is going to go crazy for when they see it.

Overall this was a great routine but they did have errors. We do know that it is early in their season and there are quite a few new members of this team so we are excited to see their journey. Interestingly, something we have never seen at a showcase was that Sarah the Head Coach made Ignite redo a part of their opening section because they didn’t fully nail it. It was nice to see that she didn’t care that we were all watching and that if you don’t nail it you will do it again.

Lady Grenades – All Girl 5

We are very excited to see Lady Grenades who placed 8th in the world last season and are this highest ranking All girl team in the UK. There are a lot of new members on the team this season and we are excited to see how this will affect this team. Unfortunately they had a flyer missing so we couldn’t see the routine in full effect. We liked the 180 switch up to heel stretch and their twists to prone. We could feel the nerves with this team and they didn’t sell it like they normally do. They need to remember to relax and don’t panic. They were picked to be on this team for a reason so shouldn’t doubt themselves. They had great height on their kick double baskets and a lot of lay outs and full’s across the floor. The right side of the pyramid that could perform was very good. There was a lot of flipping and twisting rotations which was very entertaining.

Nitro – Coed 4


Our favourite routine of the day was Nitro. We could have watched it again and again it was so good. The tumbling was perfect and the performance level was insane, they absolutely slayed. They started with almost a full team tuck, two solid one man cupies and a super high toe touch basket. There was then even more running tumbling then they set their position for the opening stunt section. They press up to extension pop down to prep and striking double down. This was followed by a 180 switch to prep lib bump up to extension lib and switch down to prep again. Their synchronization it  was flawless. The timing on the jumps was splendid and the height on the tuck at the end “mwah”. Watching this team was such a joy especially because they are a level four team. They did lose their way in the pyramid and  were slightly off on their timing and because of this made errors but after the routine finish Sarah made them do the pyramid again which hit flawlessly.


We really loved the atmosphere of this showcase. It had a real family vibe. We also liked that all the athletes wore the same top and hair accessories that made them seem more like a big family where everyone was equal no matter what level.

We felt very welcomed in the Coventry Dynamite showcase and had an enjoyable evening. We are really excited to see what Coventry Dynamite brings in the 2017 season and we would like to thank Rheanne for allowing us to use her pictures in our review



videographer Rheanne

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