CFHTT interview with Para Cheer Athlete Wendy Armitage



We know you guys enjoy our interview with Rachel so we couldn’t wait to share our interview  with next Para Cheer athlete Wendy Armitage

Name: Wendy Armitage

Which Team: Team England ParaCheer

Role: Base

Disability: I have a variety of chronic health conditions, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which has resulted in me being a wheelchair user.

Age: 37

Career/Job: I am a work-from-home Mum, selling Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Share something that makes you happy: Getting back into cheerleading after nearly a decade away!

Share something most people don’t know about you: I had a Roman themed wedding at a Wildlife Park, which included all the men in the wedding party wearing togas (and lots of the guests too!)

16113316_10158044854930534_8949606294305492119_oHow many years’ cheer/dance experience do you have? I started dance lessons when I was 4, trained as a dance teacher from 16, started cheerleading and coaching at University.

Which cheer/dance teams are you part of or have you been part of in the past? I set up and ran the Surrey Angels University cheer team for over a decade. I have guest coached with many other teams.

Why did you want to join Team England ParaCheer/Pom? 15977636_10158043614415534_6265267995272137995_nI missed cheer a lot! I left a decade ago when my disability made it too difficult to stand and I thought I would never be able to get back into it, so this is a dream come true!

What’s your favourite part of being on Team England ParaCheer/Pom? All the amazing new friends I have made.

Are there any stunt/technique adaptations you make which you find especially interesting? It is fun working out ways to incorporate Tili (my wheelchair) into stunts, which bits of her flyers can stand on, where the flyer’s body weight needs to be to keep the stunt stable and generally basing from a chair instead of standing.

What have you learnt while being a part of this team? That age and disability should not stop you from pursuing the things you love.

What are you most excited to experience at Worlds 2017? The atmosphere, seeing all the other teams, supporting all of Team England, everything really!

Anything else you want to share? I want to give a HUGE thank you to the TEPC management team for all their hard work arranging everything, our wonderful coaches Uri and Nikki for their patience and expertise and all of the brilliant sponsors who have so generously supported the team.

If you enjoyed this article comment below and stay tune to read out interview with our next Para athlete tomorrow. 


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One thought on “CFHTT interview with Para Cheer Athlete Wendy Armitage

  1. Well done Wendy, I am so proud of you, you are an inspiration to people of all abilities… in the right mundset anything is possible… you deserve it!! Enjoy and embrace the atmosohere. Best wishes to you and team England Para Cheer woop woop!! MmmmxXx!!!

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