CFHTT interview with Para Pom athlete Ellie Downs


Name: Ellie Downs

Which Team: Team England Para Cheer Freestyle Pom
Not disabled

Career/Job: Cheer and dance teacher & Tutor

Share something that makes you happy: A long hot bath after a long day training or teaching and filling my tummy with a massive roast dinner.

How many years’ cheer/dance experience do you have? 7 years!

Which cheer/dance teams are you part of or have you been part of in the past? I began cheerleading at University as a base and back spot on BNU Swans, I then went on to be part of The Cheerleading Academy in Buckinghamshire as an athlete and coach across all of their teams.

Why did you want to join Team England ParaCheer/Pom? Last year, I watched TE Paracheer showcase online with my stepdad and mum and we absolutely loved it. We were jumping around cheering them on from my bedroom. It was an evening that sticks in my mind always. I then suddenly lost my stepdad a couple of months later. He was never a massive fan of cheer and dance but came to every show and competition and supported me 100%. He also always wanted to take us to Disney in Orlando. So, I figured I needed to do it for him, be on the only team he enjoyed to watch in the one place he wanted to take me, but never had the opportunity too. So, here’s to you Gordy!!

What’s your favourite part of being on Team England ParaCheer/Pom? 17991233_10154704943096633_8465609883950938293_n

My favourite part of being on Team England Para Pom is the incredible people that I have met!! We all clicked as a team from the very first training session and I have truly made friends for life!




Are there any stunt/technique adaptations you make which you find especially interesting? I truly admire the way that our Pom coaches adapt turns techniques for those that need it. When you watch the routine, I bet you can’t even spot the adaptation, that is why it is so good!

What have you learnt while being a part of this team? The biggest thing that I have learnt from being a part of this team is that there is no barrier to competing at the highest level in such a physically demanding sport.

What are you most excited to experience at Worlds 2017?18033072_10158612416495441_428279361036005523_n

Oh my gosh, where do I even begin? I have dreamed of this experience from the minute I caught the cheer bug. But I think overall, I cannot wait for that feeling when I am walking out onto the worlds floor, with my team, in my uniform and waiting for the music to start so I can show the world what we are about!!






Anything else you want to share? All our sponsors have provided us with such amazing kit so I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all of the incredible support.





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