CFHTT interview with Para Pom athlete Niamh Coveney


Name: Niamh Coveney

Which Team: Team England ParaCheer Freestyle Pom

Age: 15

Disability: Bi-lateral moderate hearing loss. I wear hearing aids. This affects my life because I find it very difficult to hear people when they are not facing me. I can’t hear individuals in loud rooms. Sometimes I have to lip read and adapt moves in Pom routines because it knocks my hearing aid out. I have to rely on the counts in the music to be able to pick up on the routine.

Career Goal: I want to work with children who have disabilities.

Share something that makes you happy: Cheerleading and working with my Saxons team and my Team England team. Being with family and friends.

Share something most people don’t know about you: I love to tap dance and I’m an intermediate tap dancer.

How many years’ cheer/dance experience do you have? I have been dancing since I was 2, so 13 years.

Which cheer/dance teams are you part of or have you been part of in the past? Saxon Stars

Why did you want to join Team England ParaCheer/Pom? I wanted to show people that everyone can dance and cheer no matter what disability they have and anything is possible. It has always been my dream to cheer at Worlds for my country and if I can achieve it, then anyone can achieve it.


What’s your favourite part of being on Team England ParaCheer/Pom? Being able to work with such talented people and dance coaches. I love being a part of this team, it feels like a family.

What have you learnt while being a part of this team? I have learnt that anything is possible and it is possible to achieve your dream with hard work and determination.

What are you most excited to experience at Worlds 2017? Performing with my team and showing everyone what we have achieved.


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