Cheer Force Odyssey try outs for International Open Small Coed 5 worlds team

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Cheer Force Odyssey tryouts are coming up this month July 22nd. Will be held at the Cheer Force Ten Gym in Telford.

They are looking for athletes with level 5 tumbles and stunting experience who are up for the challange of a non weekly training team that trains 1-2 times a month. To represent Cheer Force and everything we stand for in our Worlds Debut.
Coaching Staff 2017-2018
Head Coaches: Jonny Kirby & Rachael Swinnerton.
Head Tumble Coach: Steven Dugmore
Coaching Staff: Beth Kirby

Age Requirements: You must be 14 by 31st of December year of competition (2018) to compete on a Level 5 International Team. We will be looking for up to 4 males and up to 18 females.  
If you meet all the requirement make sure you email for a tryout pack and if you have any further enquires.
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