Chester Vixen need your help !

Hey guys Chester Vixens​ need your help

PLEASE share or even like this photo (not the status) to give the Chester Vixens a chance to win £750 which will help pay for training facilities.

They currently train on 2 panels of dead floor and the rest is a wooden floor. That doesn’t take away from their passion for the sport. Despite our lack of facilities, the Chester Vixens are 4x National Champions. Not only does their division getting tougher each season, they have also lost over half the squad.
The only way we can improve and have a chance at that 5th consecutive National Champ title is to train with the right equipment, allowing us to stunt at the same time, on a safe surface to get the most out of training.

Please follow this link to like their photo so they can get these mats they desperately needs. We all know what it like when you’re uni cheerleader and you don’t get any support from your university. We know as community we can help these talent ladies achieve this goal. They are 4x consecutive champions who train on 2 panel of dead floor so think what they could achieve with proper equipment.
Please please please help guys
Go to the link below and show you’re support



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