This is Allstar Cheerleading

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CFHTT is all about highlighting the talent the cheer community holds.
We want to point out that disrespecting someone else doesn’t validate what you do anymore. We feel people have forgotten that without sideline cheer there would be no Allstar Cheer. Although sideline cheer is not something you may want to do. It doesn’t give us the right to insult people who have a passion for it.


We felt the need to write this because of the interview that was show on Good Morning Britain that is talking about side line cheer and not Allstar cheer but we are not happy by some of response from our community.

Here’s the video if you would like to watch

watch the full interview here

Cheerleading is so misunderstood by the general public, it’s shocking. We would say 90% of the general public know nothing about allstar cheer and do think that Allstar Cheer and side line cheer are the same thing. That is through a lack of education and that’s where you come in. It is our job to educate our school friends and colleagues about this sport. Show them the CFHTT website or our social pages that have a vast knowledge about this sport we all hold so dear. Please stop getting offended by people who do not know what they are talking about and do not care to do proper research. Yes it is shame that Allstars cheer doesn’t get the respect it deserves but we promise you it will come. So keep the faith, keep your chin up and don’t let other peoples opinions define you.

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