The Para Cheer division is having a name change but why???

Team England Para Cheer

Hi guys


This just in from the Para Cheer international


” As Cheerleading continues to move towards the Olympics and ParaCheer towards the Paralympics, the ICU has had to make a temporary name change to the ICU divisions at the World Championships from April 2019.

The ParaCheer divisions will temporarily be referred to as Adaptive Abilities due to a request from the US Paralympic Committee. This change is intended to only be for 1-2 years until Paralympic recognition is confirmed.

In case you haven’t heard already, there are also additional ParaCheer/Adaptive Abilities divisions at ICU Worlds 2019. We are excited to see the introduction of:

Unified Advanced All-girl Cheer
Unified Median Cheer (equivalent to Level 3).” 2019

Do you care about the name change or not, comment below?



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