About Cheer From Head To Toe

Hey Everyone,

my names Caroline and I’m the creator of Cheer From Head To Toe

caroline Nyemi-Tei
Cheer From Head To Toe
was started in 2011 because there was a poor representation of the talented athletes and programme in the UK. A place where British Cheerleader, Cheer-dancer, coaches, parents, everyone! Could find information on British cheer news. In just over five years, while fulfilling a niche in the sport, we have accumulated an  vast online community  across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & Facebook making us the leading source for frequent and accurate cheerleading news in the UK.
If you wish to contact us please email cheerfromheadtotoe@gmail.com
Feel to check out our social media platforms


if you wish to contact us please email Cheerfromheadtotoe@gmail.com or fill in the boxes below




8 thoughts on “About Cheer From Head To Toe

  1. Hi,

    I am producing a cheerleading magazine for my University assignment and have seen some images on your blog which I think are really great! I would really like to use some of these images but wanted to get your consent before I do.

    If you could email me and let me know I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You

  2. I’m trying to do some research on the cheer teams near London, but so far all I have is Unity Allstars and Fierce athletics, which seem to be a nightmare to get to by tube or other public transport. Are you able to let me know all the London gyms? It would be good if there were some closer in!

  3. @cheerfromhheadto hi wanted to know which team is better..angels academy or london eclipse cheer message me on twitter please asap @itsrebeccaxd

  4. Hi,

    I’m a journalism student at City University, London and I’m writing a feature piece on cheerleading in the UK.

    My focus of the article will be how cheerleading in the UK is a very unknown sport but it is growing in size and strength. The British ‘cheer world’ is almost an underground phenomenon but is actually a massive industry which is visible with the huge competitions held annually and number of competitive teams in the country. In my article I intend to show people what cheerleading is really about and to reflect the sport as it is; mentally and physically challenging but extremely fun and rewarding.

    If you have the time would you possibly be able to answer some questions based on the above topics discussed?

    Kind regards,

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