Cheer From Head To Toe Review of No Limit V-Ro




Hi guys,
This is the review you have all been waiting for…
CFHTT is so excited to be reviewing the shoes designed by Victor Rosario,
owner of 8-time world champion team, Top Gun All-stars. We all bow down to
you Victor, and the Top Gun All-stars programme.
We are excited to review these shoes that were design by people who are
involved in the sport, so should be able to make the perfect cheer shoe.
V-RO are available in the UK from Cheer World LTD who sent us these shoes
to review.


“Cheer World Ltd has been in business for 12 years and over that time has
supplied many hundreds of teams in the UK and Europe with uniforms, poms,
bows, T shirts, training gear and shoes. The main focus is on value for money
and service. They will design and make uniforms to suit all budgets from
starter uniforms at £35 to the full bling of metallic fabric, sequins and
Cheer World Ltd 2017

Fact about No Limit V-RO
> Weight 4.5 ozs
> Reinforced leather stitching around the top of the shoe
> EVA rubber sole for durability and to provide a stable grip.
> Sleek design with the use of mesh and leather
> A shoelace pocket to place your laces into once tied up
> A white dust bag
The service
We were able to talk with
Paul who was very friendly and help to work out the perfect size needed in the
No limit V-RO, and offered continued support. The shoes arrived recorded
delivery and were very well protected, with tissue stuffing to help keep the
shape of the shoes. In the box there was the white dust bag, which allows you
to transport the shoes and keep them protected.



Feature of the shoe
The shoes have a white leather stitching around the front and back to help
reinforce the shoe. The leather also helps to keep the shoe cleaner for longer.
“ We all know if you’re a flyer your shoes are always going to get dirty a lot
quicker then your bases, so every little help when trying to keep your shoes
white”. The majority of the shoe is made of a white mesh to allow the foot to
breath and keep the shoe lightweight, which is an important factor for any
cheer shoes.
The shoe weights 4.5 0z, there are so light and incredible comfortable on your
feet. They also have specially developed insole to stop the foot from rolling.
The sole of the shoe has the classic top gun paw symbol and is made out of
EVA rubber, which is flexible, therefore they don’t inhibit your jumping or
tumbling capabilities. Furthermore the sole is sturdy and you feel that support
while tumbling and jumping.

The shape of the shoes allow you as a base to have a firm grip on the sole
and feel confident in your grip on the flyers’ foot.
As a flyer you will enjoy the mesh feel around your foot, still tight but
breathable. Also because of the firm sole it will allow you to feel like you’re on
a platform in your bases hands. It is very important for flyers to feel confident
in the cheer shoes they are wearing.
Shoelace pocket
No limit V-RO come with a unique feature that I don’t believe has been seen
on another cheer shoe to date. They have a shoelace pocket a place to put
your laces once tied so you know they are securely put away. “I have seen
many times when bases hands have got caught on the flyers laces and the
whole stunt comes crashing down.
These shoes do run small so it recommend that you get them 1- 1.5 size
bigger then you would in normal cheer shoes.
The Cheer shoe sent to us by Cheer World Ltd retail at £75.00 in adult sizes
and £62.50 in children sizes which is average price for cheer shoes in the UK
Over all CFHTT thinks these shoes are great. We especially love the
comfortable feel of the shoe, and the strong sturdy heel on the foot.
If you want to purchase these Top Gun classics or want to see what other
products they have go


Cheer World contact information
Home: 0161 439 0796


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Facebook @ukcheerworld
Twitter @CheerWorldUK
Instagram @cheerworlduk

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Warriors Cheerleading Team

The Warriors Cheerleading Team try outs is Wednesday the July 26


are looking for new members to join our competitive cheerleading team.

Junior teams (7-11 years) 10.00am-12.00pm

Senior teams (12 years +) 1.00-3.00pm

The cost of try outs is £5.00.

Boys are girls are welcome. Tumbling and dance experience is preferred however beginners are also encouraged to come and try out.

Email for more information or to let us know your coming!

We look forward to meeting lots of new Warriors.



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Casablanca Cheerleading

2017-07-21 10.31.52

Casablanca Cheerleading needs you, are you a level 5 flyer wanting to compete at Worlds 2018? Then contact Casablanca now, level 5 tumbles wanted but not necessary. Not level 5 flyer they also have spaces available for level 5 bases/ backspot or speciality tumbler.

What are you waiting for contact now

Check out their social media platforms

Facebook @casablanca.cheerleading 

Twitter @casblancaCGT

Instagram @casablancaloughton


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Sapphire Elite

Sapphire Allstars based in Newgate Street Village Hall and Epping Forest Gymnastics are recruiting for the upcoming season.
💎Sapphire are offering a FREE taster session, Thursday 20th July for all ages ahead of try outs on Saturday 22nd July !
💙Athletes may be called back on Sunday for levels 3+ try outs, however must attend Saturday.
If you are interested in joining the Sapphire family but cannot attend try outs, please email us at :
New and returning athletes must sign up to try outs with the following link
find out more about Sapphire Allstars on their social media platforms
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Cheer Force Odyssey try outs for International Open Small Coed 5 worlds team

11822771_959335477462324_2863104009740566346_n (1)
Cheer Force Odyssey tryouts are coming up this month July 22nd. Will be held at the Cheer Force Ten Gym in Telford.

They are looking for athletes with level 5 tumbles and stunting experience who are up for the challange of a non weekly training team that trains 1-2 times a month. To represent Cheer Force and everything we stand for in our Worlds Debut.
Coaching Staff 2017-2018
Head Coaches: Jonny Kirby & Rachael Swinnerton.
Head Tumble Coach: Steven Dugmore
Coaching Staff: Beth Kirby

Age Requirements: You must be 14 by 31st of December year of competition (2018) to compete on a Level 5 International Team. We will be looking for up to 4 males and up to 18 females.  
If you meet all the requirement make sure you email for a tryout pack and if you have any further enquires.
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Fame Allstars UK Tryouts

Want to be FAMEous? Come and join FAME Allstars UK! North London’s most famous cheerleading team!

Fame Allstars tryouts- July 16th 2016!
From age 4+- adult , all abilities welcome
Recruiting all levels
New for season 3…Level 3!
Email to register your place and get more information :
Make sure you join the facebook tryout page

FAME POSTER - phase 3 copy.jpg


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