CFHTT’s interview with Gareth Green



Crimson Heat Tiger had an epic weekend at Jamfest Europe 2017.

Junior 1 – 1st place, Grand champions and a full bid to the Summit
Senior 2 – 1st place and an at large bid to the Summit
Senior 3 – 1st place
Senior 5 – 1st place and a partial paid bid to WORLDS 🌎

We got speaking to Gareth and he explain to us  Crimson  5 journey to senior 5 division.

19553111_10158905160870164_1774104995_n” The safe road to Crimson Heat 5 has always been about its foundations, it’s lower levels especially 1 and 2. Remaining top of the game here has allowed us to build a platform for athlete development across levels 3, 4 and now 5. We’ve been consistent at level 4 for two years and so at the beginning of the 2017 season I decided it was time to step up to level 5.

Nothing scares me more than the thought of my kids doing level five and the possibilities of injury through bad technique and accidents. As a result of my anxiety I came to the decision that if we were going to do this we will do this in the safest way possible. In the first year competition was not important, skills were not important. What was important is that everything learnt was done so progressively and safely and at a speed which meant that cleanliness was a priority. With a view to compete in around June so very late in the season I wanted the girls to go out feeling confident that they have the ability to put out a good routine, a safe routine and a routine that would show the industry that it’s okay to go out entry-level to not push the boundaries of the sport but to just enjoy being a safe level five.


Training planning has been absolutely vital and safety has been everything to us and something I pride myself on. Our 5 team had to wear rugby style gum shields every single training session without fail. I even took it to the extreme for pyramid elements that involved flipping stunts that the girls had to wear helmets in order to protect their nose and face. As it became clear that skills were safe we could remove the helmets and overtime started to reduce the amount of time the girls were wearing a gum-shield. During one of our hitch kick double sessions a base got a hands to the face connecting straight with her jaw, luckily she had the gum-shield in and sustained no injury but a bruised lip. Any time is skill looks dangerous in anyway or I felt as if an athlete was at too much risk we were just drop that skill completely and move on to something slightly easier. The same applies to tumble as well, If it’s not safe it’s not in.


The journey to 5 has been a huge learning experience and one that I’m quite proud of. Crimson heat is still very much in its infancy for Level5 and every session is a learning process for both athletes and coaches. For any coaches and programs thinking of making a move to level five I would love to see gum shields in to maximise safety and skills being modest until basics are well picked up and executed.

My best advice is just don’t go 5 until you have mastered and consistently done well at level 4. We look forward to pushing the next level of 5 over the coming months and prepare for worlds 2018 safely ”





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CFHTT’s interview with Head Coach of Team England Pom Rachael Swinnerton


Hey guys,  CFHTT

rache profile

Feels so excited that we got to interview  Head Coach of Team England Pom Rachael about what its like being apart of the first unified Team England Pom team and what she’s looking for from athletes trying out for the 2018 team .





What inspired you to create Team England Pom ?

All of the fantastic people I have met and the experiences I have had over the past 16 years during my involvement within cheerleading and dance has inspired me to make the choices I have taken within the industry today. For everyone in the cheer community, Team England cheer has inspired us all to believe in ourselves as a country, and to recognise how proud we are to compete at the ICU World championships representing England.

For me, Team England pom was inspired by; the dancers I see at competitions across the country who stand out because of their talent and passion, By the coaches who take their teams to these competitions and pour their hearts into their athlete’s development – who continue to raise the bar for England Pom; By the wonderful Scottish and Welsh teams who are outstanding year after year – showing England what we are capable of if we put our minds to it.

18274816_1680771585270758_793941627220140468_nWe have an exceptional amount of talent right here in England, and I truly believe that these dancers deserve the opportunity to be brought together to represent their country. THEY inspire me and I am honoured to be able to put this opportunity forward for them.

At the very beginning of the Team England pom journey I met Leanne Woodcock, who is now Head Coach alongside me for 2018. When I think about all that inspired me at the start, it was also her passion for Pom; her continued support and shared vision that has now led us onto getting ready for tryouts for our 2nd season.


team england rache and leanne at europeans[2305843009213707901]


  1. You have an amazing group of Coaches for Team England Pom 2018, how were they selected?

We advertised through the UK Coaches group, and held interviews on 4th June. Team England Pom is a celebration of the talent our country has within pom dance, and we are all extremely excited to get started this year with such wonderful support from so many talented strong women – representing so many different Teams/Academies/Dance Schools.


  1. When are your try-outs and where will they be held?

Team England Pom Tryouts will take place on Saturday 17th June at the Cheerforce Gym in Telford.


  1. What should athletes trying out expect to experience on the day of Team England Pom try-outs?

Athletes interested in trying out for Team England Pom are asked to email us for an application form and Info pack. pom teamThey will then need to return their form to us, answering several questions about their experience and why they want to be part of the National team. (Our coaches want to get a feel for each applicant, and find what drives them with their training).

On the day we will be judging the athletes as part of a group, and individually during short solo routines. The atmosphere will be a positive and friendly one, with athletes supporting eachother throughout the process.


  1. What kind of dance experience do you need to try-out for Team England Pom?

We are looking for dancers who have a background in competitive pom dance, or who excel within their dance schools with the dance technique required.

We are looking for dancers who can demonstrate great technique with skills such as A la seconde turns, pirouettes, various leaps and jumps. Plus strong arm motions for pom.


  1. Please describe the characteristics of a Team England Pom athlete?

Being a part of the National Team involves training with the team itself around once a month. In addition to this our athletes are required to submit weekly technique and stamina training videos. Because of this, one of the main characteristics we are looking for from our dancers is self-motivation. A team England Dancer will need to be extremely driven to push themselves outside of team England training.

team england pom on the floorTeam England Dancers will also rely on the characteristics of physical fitness and stamina, our dancers will need to have the energy to withstand long hours of training and to perform the routine effortlessly and with enthusiasm.

Perseverance and memory retention is also an excellent characteristic, Dancers must have the persistence to keep rehearsing their role/skills until perfect, with the ability to learn quickly and retain information.

Our priority is uniformity, so a dancer able to work and communicate well as part of a team is a must.


  1. What’s your vision for Team England Dance in the future?

Leanne and I are extremely passionate about presenting this opportunity to talented dancers across our country. Our vision is to see the very best coming together to represent England as a fully unified team at ICU year on year. We want to establish England as a Country that can produce exceptional teams for both Cheer and Dance, making our national proud. Our vision involves continuing to raise the bar for Pom in England, therefore further promoting the image of cheerleading & dance across the UK and the World for all those involved in this wonderful sport.

TE POM 2017


Thank you Rachael for interviewing with us and we are excited to watch your journey this coming season.

For more information  on Team England Pom please email or follow their social media platforms


Team England Dance

Team England Pom Dance




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