University cheer expose :Teesside Wildcats Cheerleader


16388071_1258201850937510_9128618105476941254_nHey guys, 

CFHTT have gone all the way up north and Middlesbrough to Teesside university to talk to Emma about what it like being Teesside Wildcats 


Tell us about Teesside Wildcats cheer history.”  

The team was officially formed in 2003/4 as a side-line cheer team. They first competed in 2004 and could barely stunt! Since then the team have competed regularly and over the years have competed at levels 1-4 cheer.

At Teesside University is your cheerleading team consider a sport or a society?

Our team is considered a sport.

You have a very striking uniform who came up with the design. Thank you!

IMG_7099Our current uniform was designed by Allstar Nation, but we do have some very exciting things regarding uniform for the new season which I can’t go into too much detail about yet…

Do you get any support from your university?

Yes! The student’s union are fully behind us. They give us a certain amount of funding every term depending on the team’s requirements. The new club membership also includes insurance, travel to competitions, a branded team jacket, and discounts in the SU for food and drink.

That great !

“How many teams do you have and what does each team do?”

We only have one team due to the club size, but we also give the option to join stunt groups.


How many hour a week do you train


Our normal times are between 5-6 hours spread over 3 sessions, however in the run up to competitions this could probably double! No amount of training is ever too much!

What was your biggest achievement last season?

The Wildcat’s really prevailed at comp last year! Both stunt and team worked equally as hard and we never fell below the top 3, which is amazing when you think some if the people on our team have never done cheer in their lives. However, I think the team’s real achievement is the unbreakable friendships it forms. I came out of last year knowing I had a friend in every single member of my team and I have no doubt everyone else feels the same.


How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

Our coach Rachel tends to make a list of what she thinks would be good for the team and we discuss it together. Which ones would be the most fun and easiest to get to, those sorts of things.

“What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?”

I always love Legacy! It’s the first comp of the season for us and it really is a landmark for a lot of new members as their first cheer comp ever. That’s such a special thing to do as a team.

Does your team do other things apart from compete?

IMG_7105The team love getting involved in charitable work with themed training sessions. A good example is our “all pink everything” session with bake sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness month. We also dressed in rainbow colours for LGBTQ+ awareness, and we took part in a charity netball game dressed as dominoes. Coming up this month we’ll be cheering on the competitors at the Great North Run while supporting the teenage cancer trust. Also, sometimes we provide half time entertainment for on campus basketball games.

What are your goals for this season To improve on tumbling!

I think tumbling is one of the most difficult and scariest aspects of cheer to learn, I’m speaking from personal experience as I haven’t mastered anything much further than a forward roll! But as a team I think that’s something we need to take time on.

Team commitment is always something that’s difficult too, just because being a university team you have deadlines to compete with, but we like to ensure that our members know cheer isn’t something to stress over, it’s fun and if anything should be used as a break from studying.

It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

I think the biggest thing that makes a team member is the ability to push yourself. As I’ve said a lot of our team have never done competitive cheer before and cheer isn’t a sport that comes easily, it takes effort. We love it when members are in it for the long haul and are willing to do the best for the team not just themselves.

Why should people join your team?”

IMG_7100Because I have never met a more supportive team. All I can think is back to my first session, I joined half way through the year, I had no experience and yet I felt supported to try everything and encouraged to come back again. Not to mention it’s fun, we like making competitions out of conditioning so it’s not so much of a chore.

“What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?”

I think cheer can teach you how to truly be part of a team, because all the time you’re looking out for others rather than yourself.

“Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later in life?”

Cheer definitely makes your confidence grow, there’s no way you can hit the mat and be shy about it, and I’d like to think people utilise their new found confidence for their futures, for job interviews as an example.

What would your lives be without cheer?

Boring! Before I joined cheer, I was mostly sat at home just gaining fresher’s weight. Cheer has made my life so much better because now I have something to look forward to three times a week where I can relax, be myself and meet some amazing people!


“Do you guys use social media platforms?” Yes, we do!


Facebook: Teesside Wildcats Cheerleading

Instagram: @teessidewildcatscheer

Twitter: @WildcatsTees

Our social media accounts help the team to stay connected with upcoming events, comps and socials. Make sure to give us a follow to see what comps we’ll be attending, and what achievements the teams making.

“Is there any other information you would like to share with CFHTT?” I have some fun facts about the team:

  • In 2009 the team had more male than female athletes, but since then the numbers have gone down and we struggle to recruit men.
  • 6 ex wildcats have all competed at World’s!
  • In 2005/6 our PORNAR award was created. Every year at our end of year team meal this award if given out for outstanding achievement.


Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

AV BannerSeeing as though we have quite a few current and ex-Wildcats on several UK teams those are obviously our favourites! Aviator Allstars, Rising Stars and Hartlepool Hawks to name a few.

Cheer Starz Academy who have some extremely talented cheerleaders and coaches (especially Rachel and Nate who also happen to coach Wildcats).

As far aa international goes were a big fan of Top Gun, is it any wonder why? There amazing!

Thank you guys for talking to us and we wish you all the success in the future 
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University Cheer expose : Leeds Trinity Titans




Hey guys,

Today we are speaking to Millie who is the new coach for Leeds Trinity Titans. We are finding out what cheerleading is like when you attend a small university. Does the size of your university effect you cheerleading experience lets find out.

Tell us about Leeds Trinity Titans  cheer history.”

Leeds Trinity Titans is only a small team as it’s only a small university. It has always been coached by team members and does really well considering there is no constant professional coaching. The past three years the Titans have places in the top 10 every year at FC University Nationals, making one of these top 10 placings a National Championship title. The year we won we did have some help from an Aviators Coach, and we do occasionally get help from other teams towards competition, such as White Rose Cheer which we really appreciate.

Is cheerleading team consider a sport or a society at Leeds Trinity university ?

Our Cheerleading team is considered a sport. This is because we participate in physical training for what we do. I personally am really happy it’s a sport because it is getting the recognition it deserves, as a challenging physical activity, like football and rugby for example.

Do you get any support from your university?

We work closely with the Union Sports Co-ordinator and the vice president and president of the university. They help to organise everything all the sports and societies may need. I think the university are really good at working with us to ensure we have everything we need to run a successful team, they also help us with uniform, kits, and budgets etc.


How many teams do you have and what does each team do?

As we are only a small university we only have one team. We are a Level 2 all girl competition team currently. This means we compete in competitions across the country against other university teams at competitions such as Future Cheer, Legacy, and BCA. Competitions are what we work to each season but we also enjoy looking at any other opportunities that present themselves to us. Any showcasing or advertisement we can get is always good.

How many hour a week do you train

We train for twice a week for an hour and a half. Then closer to competition we might add extra time or extra sessions on.

What was your biggest achievement last season?

I think our biggest achievement last season was having a lot of people new to cheerleading that didn’t know anything about it, and seeing them taking on level 2 standard roles in both tumbling, and stunting.

ltu titans

How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

Deciding what competition, we want to attend can be tricky. Ultimately it comes down to budget and location. The teams committee will get together to discuss location, entry fees and how much money we have. We try to do things throughout the year to get as much money as we can, like fundraising and making sponsorship deals. We don’t like to ask team members for lots of money because students are on a budget and cheerleading can be very expensive. We want everyone to be able to participate meaning keeping costs to a minimum. We do also however take into consideration the atmospheres created by different competition to ensure we attend a smoothly run competition that everyone will enjoy.

What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?

We only got to do one competition last season unfortunately due to budget. We did however really enjoy it. We attended FC University Nationals in Birmingham where we placed 10th. We were really proud of our top ten finish, we had lots of injuries and swap arounds really close to competition, so considering the circumstances everyone did extremely well. I think what we put out on the mat was definitely something to be proud of. Some people on the team had never been to a cheerleading competition before and the vibe is hard to understand if you’ve not experienced it. Getting into your uniform, doing each other’s hair and makeup, and supporting each other really bonded the team further. We also did a nice little thing where we each picked a name out of a hat and made a little keepsake to say well done for after we competed, so everyone gave and received one and I thought it was lovely.

Does your team do other things apart from compete?

Last year we did a showcase at half time at one of the football teams matches. It was good to get out pre-comp nerves and get people used to performing. It was good fun as we got to put on our uniforms and make a name for ourselves around campus. We also do social nights out which range from going to bars and clubs to having cosy nights in with a takeaway.

What are your goals for this season?

I think our goals for this season are to improve skills and gain new ones, sharpen up technique and improve on our placings. Hopefully we can do more than one competition so we can see improvements in our routine throughout the season. We also want to welcome freshers and get more people involved.

It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

All we really want are people that have enthusiasm and determination. We need people that want to commit and work hard, be that boys or girls. A background in dance/gymnastics or cheerleading would be beneficial but is definitely not required as we love a challenge. It’s really exciting helping people learn new things and making new friends.

Leeds Trinity titans

Why should people join your team?

The Titans has been such a fun experience for me. I’m just about to start second year and the people I am living with I met through joining this team. They are such a welcoming bunch of girls and I know I have definitely gained some amazing friends thanks to them. It’s a chance to learn new things, keep active and meet people you wouldn’t have. You bond with people not just in your year group too which I think is good. It is open to everyone so nobody should feel like they can’t try out for the team. Even if you don’t make the competition squad you can still be part of the team and come to training and socials.

What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?

Cheerleading has taught me lots of skills. I think the main skill is team work, you all have ideas and really do have to work together to make the routine work. It is by no means an individual sport. Time management, organisation and social skills have also been gained, making sure you are on time for practise, and still fit in the rest of your uni life around it can be difficult, but if you enjoy it you’ll figure it out.

Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later on in life?

All these skills are transferable into the work place, and have benefited me on work placements. Leadership skills can also be developed if you have a role on the committee, such as captain or social sec.

What would your lives be without cheer?

I think without cheer my first year of university would have been very different. As I previously mentioned I found friends at cheer that I am now living with for my second year. Also gaining friends in the years above and going out on socials with them is really fun, it’s just a different experience to just going out on a normal night with your mates from halls. It can also give you a break from the stresses of life and uni work. For the hours you’re at training, you just get to focus on that and have fun with your friends. It’s a really good release from anything that might be worrying you.

Do you guys use social media platforms?

We do have Facebook, Instagram, and twitter but I don’t think we use them as much as we could. This year we really want to do more social media advertising to really show people what we do and hopefully inspire more people to join next season. We are also looking to possibly make a snapchat account so people can follow us closer. (@ltutitanscheer

leed trinity titans

Is there any other information you would like to share with CFHTT?

I think just that if you’re considering joining a cheer team either at home or university, you definitely should. It really develops your character and you really do make friends for life.

Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?


I really can’t choose my favourite UK team as I really enjoy watching all the talent, my favourite division is Coed


5, the routines are so exciting to watch, and my favourite uni team is probably Birmingham Pussycats.

I think their routines are really well rehearsed and they have a good skill level and a lot of sass. My favourite international team is Cheer Sport Sharks Great White Sharks. I have loved this team since I got involved in the IOAG5 division myself. They just make it look easy and the skills they execute just really inspire me. The technique, performance and skill level is mesmerising and they are just a joy to watch perform. Getting to see them live at Worlds was something I will never forget, and I also really enjoyed watching their Netflix series.

ltu titans 2 

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University cheerleading expose : Royal Holloway Bears




Hey guys 

Today we are speaking to Megan who is member of Royal Holloway Bear. We are finding out about the rebrand  and so much more 


Tell us about Royal Holloway cheer history.”

This year will be our 3rd season as Royal Holloway Bears, we changed from RH Tomcats to bears as part of a university sports rebrand going back to the university’s original mascot of a bear. The team had a lot of success as RH Tomcats including multiple national and grand champion titles and our Hip-Hop team competing at worlds. Before this original team was called Tommy’s girls but I couldn’t find out when they officially started ???

At Royal Holloway university is your cheerleading team consider a sport or a society?


Do you get any support from your university?

We are fortunate in that we receive funding from the Students Union towards training costs as well as a grant towards competitions and Travel.

How many teams do you have and what does each team do?

17264829_10155170804057049_3618817031054437912_nWe have five teams and this year had 100 members. These teams include 4 competitive teams, all-girl level 1, all-girl level 2, hip hop and Jazz teams, these all compete 3 times over the season. We also have a sidle team which is non-competitive who cheer at other university sports teams games.


How many hour a week do you train

Our competitive teams train 4 hours a week this is split between training on a dead floor and on a sprung floor, and our dance teams train 4 hours which is split between dance studios and university facilities. Side-line train 2 hours a week.


What was your biggest achievement last season?

Our biggest achievement was All-girl 2 winning grand champions at Future Cheer university nationals.


Check out the girls Grand champion routine below


How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

There are a few factors in deciding what competitions to go to. We choose competitions such as ICC southerns as it is very local to us and gives our teams a great stage to debuted our routines. As a team we want to compete against the best so we can  really challenge and drive ourselves so we chose a national level event. We love FC university nationals and have been competing there for a few years now.

What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?

future cheer

Future Cheer university nationals. This comp is our favourite for so many reasons, the atmosphere is like no other comp, we all get to travel down as a team, we also love when we see RH bears alumni who have gone one to other universities to continue their studies.

Does your team do other things apart from compete?

16425713_10155041880432049_4437872413218256708_nYes we do lots as well as compete; we cheer at sports games throughout the year, we use our cheer skills to raise money for charity, this year we raised over £800 through a 12 hour cheer-a-thon. Our biggest event of the year is showcase, which is where all 5 of out teams show off what they have been working on all season. And on top of all that we have amazing socials!



What are your goals for this season

Our goals for this season are to retain our grand champion title and ICC regional titles, as well as this we are aiming to win Club of the year at colours ball something we came very close to this year.


It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

Enthusiasm and a give it a go attitude. We are a very open team and everyone is welcome whether you have cheered before or want to try something new.

Why should people join your team?

For all those who have cheered before then you know how amazing this sport is and being part of cheer at university bring so much more. It gives you the opportunity to work on skills as well as volunteer and go out with your team mates. For anyone who has never cheered we believe you should join us as cheer is an amazing sport with so much to offer, you get to learn to stunt, tumble, jump and dance so its a great way to keep fit and a lot of fun both in and out of training.

What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?

Cheer teaches a whole range of skills, such as working in a team, self-motivation and one major one is managing your time effectively.

What would your lives be without cheer

A lot more boring! Cheer introduces you to people who you wouldn’t have met before and you have so much in common with, your team mates quickly turn into your closest friends. Cheer training is an amazing relief from the stresses of university and your degree, there’s always something new, fun and exciting.


Do you guys use social media platforms?

Yes; our Instagram is royalhollowaycheer,

Facebook is Royal Holloway Bears Cheer

Twitter is @RH_Cheerleading.

Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

Gold Unity Logo TransparentUnity Allstars and we couldn’t chose a international team as we love them all




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University Cheer expose : Chester Vixen


Hey guys,

CFHTT had the pleasure talking Rachel from Chester Vixen to find why university cheerleading is like at Chester university

Tell us about Chester Vixens cheer history.


This one took quite a bit of investigation and contacting previous captains. The Chester Vixens were formed in 2005, and first competed only in Pom at BCA Nationals, 2006. We first started competing in Cheer in 2011. I think we may have dabbled in Level 2 a couple of times, however we’re such a small uni that Level 1 is most appropriate (at least right now).  We mostly recruit complete newbies to cheer, but have had a number of experienced cheerleaders who have competed at worlds with the likes of Unity Allstars, Coventry Dynamite, Rising Stars and Team England Para Pom. More recently we have been Future Cheer University National Champions consecutively since 2014, however we have picked up countless national and regional wins before that.

At Chester university is your cheerleading team consider a sport or a society?

Since 2014 we have been recognised as a sport!

Do you get any support from your university?

It’s the Student’s Union that run all the sports at Chester, without them, we wouldn’t exist. Whilst we don’t get as much attention as we’d like to because Cheerleading isn’t in BUCS (who cares that we’re 4x national champs…), I would say we are in a better position than a lot of other University Cheer Teams. We pay a (relatively cheap) one off membership fee which covers our entry into two national competitions, transport to these, choreography and transport to basketball games. We’re very lucky that an ex-Vixen is a choreographer who travels all the way up to Chester each year, this is covered by the SU as well. She’s such a queen, so talented!

And of course we pay for our uniforms, training kits, bows and poms. So from that side of things, we’re pretty lucky.

We are currently in a battle with the university to allow us storage for two new roll mats. We currently have two, and have the money for two more after our girls worked FC Bournemouth 2016 and put their earnings towards this. Having an extra two mats would mean we can at least all stunt at the same time. We definitely will get them though, we won’t give up on that one!

You have been Future Cheer All-Girl Level 1 University National Champions from 2014-present CONGRATULATION 🙂  what does that mean to your team and what do you do that keeps you on top form?

12728937_1082525025144800_5012917679817811539_nEvery win does feel like the first. One thing we’re definitely not is complacent. We understand that our division gets tougher each year. Gone are the days of thigh-stands; level 1 has become so creative! We know we’re never going to score in the top bracket in tumbles, so the main thing we work on is being clean. Whilst we do have a good track record of winning, I’d like to think we’re still a humble team. The relationships and bonds between athletes are so important and I think that gets highly overlooked. We really are a cheer family who support each other throughout the season.

How many teams do you have and what does each team do?”

POMChester’s quite a small university, yet we do get a high turnout each year! We have three teams, Level 1 Cheer (who just get known as ‘Cheer’), Pom, and Prep Squad. Prep Squad are our development/performance team who cheer and perform weekly at basketball games. Unlike other universities who have access to high-level coaches, we coach everything ourselves. In the past Prep-Squad have created routines that are similar to Pom.

pom (3)They said it was difficult because unlike Cheer and Pom where we have rules and scoresheets, they didn’t know where their boundaries were. This season I created almost a ‘rulebook’ so they could execute things safely and have targets. It’s basically a mix of Pom and Level 0 cheer. Whilst some people join Prep Squad as a fun way of being involved in cheerleading without the pressures of competing, others are completely new to cheer and hope to get onto our Level 1 team in the future. We’re hoping with the introduction of basic stunts and tumbling, we will see more progress from our athletes in Prep Squad.

We also have a Level 2 Group Stunt which will see its third season this year. Whilst the majority of the team are newbies to cheer, the athletes that get chosen for our Group Stunt have often cheered previously in higher level teams

How many hours a week do you train?

Each team trains two hours a week. In the run up to competitions, Cheer and Pom get another hour and half per week that we share depending on where each other are at with the routines.



What was your biggest achievement last season?

There are so many achievements we could pick. Both Group Stunt and Pom knocked our socks off, to improve their results placing second at nationals. But it would have to be the fourth consecutive win for Cheer despite losing 6 points worth of infractions (which we’re all trying to forget).

How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

pom iccHistorically, we’ve always competed BCA and Future Cheer. Our routines tend to be more suited to Future Cheer. We love the atmosphere and always do well at FC, that’s why we always compete there. In recent years we’ve not placed so well at BCA, so this past season we thought we’d try our luck at ICC Nationals, which proved a fantastic move for Pom! Myself and my Vice Captain have always been big fans of ICC, their scoresheets, the atmosphere and their reputation, so we’ve decided to go back this season.

What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?

Again, that’s a difficult one. As much as we all enjoyed Future Cheer, as we always do, ICC was fantastic. The session before we competed saw the senior All Star teams and those competing for Worlds Bids. As a large majority of our athletes never cheered before uni, it was great for them to see All Star teams and be wowed by Level 5 (which you don’t see in university divisions). Whilst we didn’t get the result we were hoping for in Cheer, our Pom team absolutely slayed.

Does your team do other things apart from compete?

Prep Squad BasketballAbsolutely! Like I’ve already mentioned, Prep Squad don’t compete and perform at basketball games. Aside from actual cheerleading we go out on weekly, fancy dress themed, Wednesday night Socials. This year we’re hoping to do some more sober daytime socials and team-bonding activities. We also do an awful lot of charity fundraising. This year we raised £2000 for a wide range of charities! We hosted evenings at our SU, participated in a Mud Run, operation Christmas child and did a Sponsored Sleepout for Chester’s Aid to the Homeless – to name a few!


What are your goals for this season

We haven’t got any goals set in stone for this season just yet. We are going to wait until the end of October to set them, to see what talent we have. But with Cheer we are looking to gain that fifth-peat at FC Nationals, and place top 3 at ICC Nationals. In Pom, we are hoping to place top 3 at both FC and ICC Nationals. We are also hoping to win an award from the SU at the annual Sports Presentation Evening.


It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from students?

More than anything, we are looking for hardworking individuals. Experience and tumbling skills would be grand, but enthusiasm and hard work come above everything.

Why should people join your team?

pyramidAside from the fact we win things, we’re such a welcoming team. We cater for all abilities! Whether you just want to try something new, or you’ve competed at worlds. You’d honestly be surprised how creative and difficult Level 1 can be! Aside from cheering, we’re such a supportive community socially, most of our best friends at uni are cheerleaders. We volunteer and fundraise too, which all looks great on your CV!

What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?”

It sounds obvious, but cheerleading really does teach teamwork; better than any university group project I’ve ever done. If you don’t work as a team, stunts won’t hit, timings will be off and cheer just wouldn’t be cheer. Not only do cheerleaders show great teamwork during training, but we cheer each other during competitions, often our “rival” teams too. We’re also there for each other for unrelated things, like uni work, family and relationship problems; often being each other’s participants for dissertation projects, or even when you fancy a late-night pizza because you’re bored.

“Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later on in life?”

Teamwork is definitely transferable in the workplace. Whether you’re working on a group project, having to deal with an annoying co-worker or even just working towards targets. I’d also say dedication and determination. These again can be transferred to work and relationships. Unfortunately, in life, there are always going to obstacles put in your way, in whatever you do. Keeping that initial fire, staying committed and determined is key for success.

What would your lives be without cheer?

charity (2)Our lives would be super boring without cheer. Without tagging each other in bomb dance sections or cheer fails, without getting all prepped for comps or even that questionable Wednesday night dance-off on third floor Rosies (a Chester nightclub), our lives would be super empty. For a lot of us at university, cheerleading not only serves as a sport we love, but as a distraction and release from university work and stress. More than any other sport I’ve participated in, there’s such a huge rush of excitement when you hit a routine you’ve been working your backside off for all season surrounded by your teammates.

Do you guys use social media platforms?

We do indeed! Facebook: Chester Vixens

Instagram, twitter & snapchat: uoccheerleading

Is there any other information you would like to share with CFHTT?

national champsOne thing I would like to share with CFHTT readers is to not overlook your uni team if you’re an All Star cheerleader. We may not be able to max out tumbling and stunting difficulties, or have the best training facilities. But at uni you realise that your cheer team are worth way more than just your teammates. A lot of big names in the cheer world started as a uni cheerleaders. When you think about how short our season is, and the constant conveyor belt of athletes, you’ll realise just how impressive both our athletes and the sport in general actually is.

Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

coventry dymThis season my favourite UK Cheer Team was Ignite, Coventry Dynamite. I love their choreography and stunting creativity. Super sad to see them go, but as excited to what they have planned for the new season, especially with Ammunition. My favourite international team has to be Cali, Reckless. Level 6 gives me life, it’s like watching the circus with the insane stunts. Also, the programme has such a good ethos, the athletes are so hardworking and humble.

Check out Chester Vixen winning their 4 consecutive National title



Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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University Cheer expose : Edge Hill Xtreme



Hey Guys,

we got speaking to Abbey from Edge Hill Xtreme to find out why university cheer is more than just a sport its a life style

Tell us about Edge Hill Xtreme cheer history.

 image5Edge Hill Xtreme was originally started in 2009 by a few students who did All Star cheer, and who had came to university and realised there was no cheer team. They then brought in their own coach (Sarah Holden from Cheer Valley) and together helped form Edge hill Xtreme with the help of the university.  The team has been going for about 8 years now and after trying several external coaches have finally settled on internal coaching due to the high level of cheer talent we have within the University. Over the last 8 years the team has continued to grow allowing them to add more teams including an all girl team and a pom team, which have continued to grow throughout the years and bring in many new members and awards for the universities.

 At Edge Hill Xtreme is your cheerleading team consider a sport or a society?

We are now considered a Sport! Up until 4 years ago we were still considered a society, however due to the constant commitment and help from our captains, top table and teams members we fought hard to prove ourselves and our successes to the University and have now successfully been considered a sport for 4 seasons!

Do you get any support from your university?

We do! It has been a rocky road negotiating with the University due to Cheerleading not being a BUCs sport. BUCs teams obviously have a very set way of how they receive funding and support and we don’t have that. However our Students Union were great last season and funded our coach and travel & entry to 2 competitions which we were SO grateful for, and we hope to continue to work close with the SU to carry on funding and support from them.


How many teams do you have and what does each team do?”



We currently have 2 cheer teams and 2 dance teams.

The first cheer team we have is an All-girl cheer team – Amethyst; this team varies each season from either level 1 or level 2 depending on the skills we see in try-outs, and what level we believe the team will hit the highest at and be the safest and have the most fun at.

Our second cheer team is a Co-ed level 3 team – Platinum; this team is the longest run cheer team we have at the university and we aim to keep it at level 3 for the season as we are hoping for a lot of talent during our fresher’s try-outs from new and existing members. We also really enjoy having lads on the team so having a co-ed team means they get to compete. We also use both teams when competing at varsity and love to get stunt groups together for local and university ran events, which range from all levels.

Dance teams

image10This season we are hoping to take two dance teams to competition, the first team is new this year and is our Jazz team – Pearl, we decided to form this team after a lot of interest from last season and a lot of dancer who don’t necessarily want to do cheerleading but wanted to compete with the cheer and dance squad at competition and had a lot of interest at the end of last season from existing members.

We also have a Small / Large Pom team – Diamond, this team is made up from 12 to 16 members depending on interest and includes both cheerleaders and dancers within the university. The great thing about both our dance teams is that both male and female cheerleaders or dancer are welcome to try-out and compete with us though out the year. We are super excited about the dance teams they continue to grow and become amazing throughout each season.


Both the cheer teams and dance teams compete at 3 or 4 competitions a year including FC university nations, ICC university nationals, Legacy nations and we are looking at competing at BCA university nationals.

How many hours a week do you train?


Both our cheer teams train for 2 hours on a Tuesday and an hour each on a Thursday. New to this season we will be having an extra practice on a weekend closer to comp dates at a fully sprung gym, as we believe this will help with tumbles and getting new members use to comp floor.

Both dance teams also train for an hour on a Tuesday and we will be bringing in another practice session on either a Thursday or Friday depending on when we can hire a studio out. We try to keep practices of both cheer and dance on the same days as we know having to juggle university life with cheer and also working can be quite difficult and want to make it as easy as possible for all our members to commit to the team.


What was your biggest achievement last season?

For me personally, as coach the biggest achievement was seeing how each team had progressed so much since their first training session and how much they had all grown as a team and as people, a lot of the team members had never cheered before so it was totally new to them so seeing how much they had taken to the sport and not given up was the best thing to witness.

As well as this, I think I can speak for the whole team and say that the biggest achievement was them winning their division both level 1 all girl and Co-ed level 3 at ‘legacy – Inspire greatness’ in Cardiff. This competition was not a university only competition and had teams from across the UK in, so for them to come first was amazing and showed how much they had worked since their last competition at ICC, i will never forget all their faces when they found out they had won, it was priceless! It was also a lot of third years last ever competition with the team and members who had been with the team since they started university so to come out with a win at their last comp was for them a massive achievement and well deserved.

How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

We tend to pick our competitions based on previous experiences and also timing plays a big part. As we don’t officially start university until the end of September we don’t usual start team training until late October and in those weeks we are still seeing how people work together and do not start routines until November / December time. Also due to only training for 2 hours on a Tuesday and an hour on a Thursday it is important that we give ourselves enough time to be prepared so we can put the best possible routine on the matt.  In the past we have entered early competitions and had to pull out due to not being ready which is obviously disappointing.

future cheerHowever, this season and under new coaches we managed to keep on schedule with practices we attended FC University Nationals in February which we were both prepared for and loved attending.


What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?

image7Our favourite competition this year was defiantly ‘Legacy Inspire Greatness’ in Cardiff! It was only a small competition and was not university nationals one, however it had a real personal feel to it and both cheer teams placing 1st certainly made us love it more. It was especially rewarding for not only myself but for everyone else on the team as the competition was in Cardiff and it was a very long way for us to travel for the day. The atmosphere on the coach on the way back was amazing as everyone was very proud and happy about winning and it was the best way to finish an incredible season off.


 Does your team do other things apart from compete?

Yes we do, as well as competing we aim to attend any local events, which we can be useful for and get involved with a lot of university put on events such as fresher’s fair, helping with campaigns and open days throughout the year. We also attend varsity every year where we take the team to compete and to overall support each of the teams playing for Edge Hill. It’s also a great day out as we are able to hang out with other sport teams and have a play around at trying each other’s sports.  We also put on regular themed practices throughout the season for charity, which is a great way to raise money and to have fun in practice, as well we are starting this season to do more fundraising practices such as bring a friend to practice and sponsored stunting and cheer.


What are your goals for this season?

Our first goal as a team is to help people develop new skills, whether this be new students or existing members of the team. We also want to continue to grow as a team and develop and come up with new and creative stunt sequences and routines that people want to watch and support us. Having support from the university is a big thing for us so we want to continue to represent the university well and have our new top table work closely with the student union to provide us with new and exciting opportunities. Finally we want to show people how hard we have been working throughout the season and hit zero at competition for every routine we put out and continue to improve on our personal best. We hope that individuals within the team hit personal targets and prove to themselves how fab they are. Finally a massive goal for us is to win a grand champion at any of the competitions that we enter.

It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

When it comes to trying out for Edge hill Xtreme its easy! Come say hi to us during our annual fresher’s fair or show up to either one of the two try-outs / taster days we hold. During the first try-outs we will teach you some basic stunting skills, a small dance and you will be able to show us if you have any tumbling skills or any previous experience in stunting or dancing, its your time to show off, so make it count! When it comes to experience it is not a key factor if you do or don’t as welcome all kind of people as long as you show us that you are determined, motivated, hard working and committed to the team and the growth of the team throughout the season we welcome you to try-outs and hopefully onto the team. As well as being hard working we hope the new students are looking to build new skills and build new friendships as well as having fun in practices. If you are interested in the dance side of cheerleading, which would include our Pom or Jazz team, separate try-out dates are explained on our social media pages and info can be found at our fresher’s fair or first try-outs.

Why should people join your team?

image4We would recommend joining any sports team whilst at University because it will completely shape your experience and you’ll get to meet some amazing people throughout your time at university. Edge hill Xtreme is an extremely close knit team and we are all like a big family, we love to do things outside of cheer and it is a great way to relieve the stress of university because everyone is in the same boat as you. As well as this, whether you have done cheerleading or not it is a great way to build on skills or to develop new ones, a lot of team members have started university cheer with no experience and have gone on to join all star cheerleading teams in their home towns and we can express how proud this makes us as coaches to see. From personal experience some of my favourite moments from university have been from cheerleading and some of my best friends have been made because of it and I could imagine my time and university experience without them.


What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?

Throughout the competitive season cheerleading can test you and teach you a number of different skills, which can be applied, to different areas of cheerleading. The first skill is teamwork; this involves having to trust your stunt group and others in the team. Cheerleading isn’t a part time sport and we as a team ask you to be committed throughout the season and dedicated to each practice and competition, you have to be willing to give up your free time if necessary. After speaking to previous members of the team from last season about their time on Edge Hill Xtreme they said one of the biggest things they learnt was confidence, not only in them selves but also in others around them.

Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later on in life

The main transferable skill we think cheer has taught us is teamwork. There are so many team sports out there but nothing quite like cheerleading, where you have to really rely on and trust the other athletes you are taking the mat with. That is one of the most amazing things about cheer is that the only way you can be successful in it is to trust other people and that it is a team sport. With the coaches doing everything they can and giving you all the advice and technique in regarding a skill sometimes it just comes down to hard work and commitment from your stunt group or team.

“An example of this shown last season was that a stunt group were struggling with one of the main stunt sequences, they fought so hard to keep it in the routine and in every break they had they would be practicing and eventually got it and hit the sequence at every competition, showing that perseverance really does pay off and trusting in your bases, back spot, flyers and front spot can be the difference from a stunt hitting and a stunt failing.”  

Therefore, another skill is transferable skill is confidence, to perform in front of anyone can be a very nervous time but to compete on a mat for a lot of the team members first time in a sport they aren’t that familiar with takes a whole lot of confidence.  The great thing about Edge Hill Xtreme is that the team is like one big family and will support you through anything, especially comp days and its amazing to see shy members walk out with the biggest smile on their faces and enjoy every minute, no matter what goes on they are having the best time.

Leadership is also another transferable skill that cheerleading provides for later life, last season we were so lucky to have an amazing caption Kirsty Armour who was the most organised, passionate caption I had the pleasure to worked with, this was because she had been with the team throughout her university experience and had seen the dedication and leadership it took to make a successful caption, and thanks to her the university cheerleading team got a lot more opportunities and funding from the Student union at the university.  Leadership is also show by returning members as they can help new members, if they are struggling with a sequence or in general just need advice and the coaches are busy its nice to know that people will step up and help, after all cheerleading is a team sport.


What would your lives be without cheer?

Life without cheerleading would be boring! A lot of people don’t realise what a big part of your life cheerleading is until you have to stop it for some reason, that’s why university cheerleading is amazing because people can come from All star gyms or not experience at all and join a team full of people that love and have passion for the same sport as they do, and to see new people come into the sport and love it as much as you do is incredible because it shows that cheerleading is a continually growing sport.

From personal experience cheerleading has been such a big part of my life for the past 11 years and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

I’ve met so many amazing people through cheer and been able to have so many incredible opportunities and experience because of it. Some of these include competing at many levels in UK national competitions and representing the UK in the cheerleading and dance world championships in Florida. Since moving to university I have been able to carry on my passion for cheerleading and been able to test out coaching, which I have always loved and had a passion for.

I think I can speak for most people on the team when I say that when we break up for Christmas and summer we all cant wait to be back in the gym trying new stunt sequences and getting ready for upcoming competitions.


Do you guys use social media platforms?

Yes we do, we believe that social media is a big thing of any successful sports team nowadays as it shows people what our team is about. We like to be very active on social media and regular put up updates of what we are doing, any events coming up (including any themed practices) and we love to praise people on social media as well, cheerleader of the week for example we want everyone to see how amazing our team members are and how proud we are every practice of them. We also know that being from not a massive university having an active social media platform is good because if we ever need answer questions for people we can do within minutes. Social media is especially important to us during the first initial weeks of the university year as it is a way to communicate with our new members and gives them a little taster of what the season has to offer including any important information they need to know.

Our social media platforms are;

Facebook – EHU Xtreme

Twitter – @EHUCheerleadig

Instagram – edgehillcheer

  Is there any other information you would like to share with CFHTT?”

As a team we would like to wish the rest of university teams a massive good luck with the new season and we cant wait to watch you and show our support at the upcoming competitions. We can’t wait to meet all our new students and existing members of the team in the upcoming weeks and start to get our creative ideas into practice. Lastly we urge people to check out our promotional video, which was made by 3rd year Film student, Tom Williams, last year. It really captures what we are all about – training hard but having a good time as well!

Here is the youtube link –


Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

coventry dymOur favourite UK team cheer is Coventry dynamite – ignite, even though this team is no longer competing, we loved the way they executed each routine with precision, confidence and their routines were always creative and had everyone watching them. They always put on a show and perform with confidence and have shown that any UK team that puts their minds to it, and works hard can do well against the best teams in the world. Their athletes continue to show commitment and dedication to the sport and help cheerleading to become more recognised.

Our favourite dance teams in the UK are ADA Dark angels and SA Supreme senior jazz,


we love both these teams as the creativity of their routines continually gets better each season, they are teams that you want to watch and you look forward to seeing all season.

18402666_10154762508389195_5054474464443787017_nTheir technique and performance in both the hip hop division and jazz division is amazing and they have shown that when working hard and being dedicated throughout the season it comes with amazing rewards as these teams have been able to attend the Cheerleading and Dance world championships in Florida for the last couple of years with partial paid bids!


eed-celtics-2Our favourite UK university cheer team is Leeds Celtics Co-ed level 3 team, we were at regular competitions with this team and loved watching their routines, their stunt sequences were always clean and creative and their routine overall was performed and executed to the highest standard. As a team they seem supportive of other teams and humble when they win.

Our favourite international cheer team is Cheer Extreme – Senior Elite, we love this team because they constantly coming up with new and creative stunt sequences which have become legendary in the cheerleading world. They also have a hard working attitude and work on things until they are perfect; they are determined and always come back from defeat in a positive way. Lastly their performance and dance is always on point in every routine.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Cheer from head to toe for this amazing opportunity! Thank you!!

Aww thanks guys 🙂 🙂 


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University Cheerleading Expose



Hey Guys,

To celebrate students heading out to university for Freshers week. CFHTT have interview Five university cheer teams from across the country to find out what cheerleading is like at their universities. To expose the highs and the low of the uni cheer experience.
Tune into tomorrow to read our first interview, we are so excited to share these article as university cheer has a special place in our hearts. 



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Everything you need to know about University Cheerleading




Hey Community,

With a new competitive cheer season fast approaching and today being the day a lot of student receive their A-level result. We thought it’d be fun to talk about University cheer and difference between Uni Cheer and Allstar Cheer with the help of  Nottingham Trent Tigers


At Nottingham Trent University they Cheerleading team is called Trent  Tigers hey have 4 different teams, which are a performance squad, a varsity squad and a level 2 and level 3 competition squad.

All squads participate at different events which engage different audiences and this enables them to reach a bigger a group of people and show them what cheerleading is all about.

Performance Squad:


Performance squad is a team which people can join if they are starting out in cheer for the first time and  you want to learn from the ground up and they train once a week.




Varsity Squad:

18382258_1475014255905359_2941499294303125504_n Varsity squad is a team which performs at all of the varsity sport performances and does not have a specific level. In varsity you can do whatever stunts you like, as it is all about impressing the audience and getting them excited! Varsity is a mixture of stunting and dancing which can be in a routine from 3-4 minutes long, which is obviously a lot longer than a standard all star cheer routine. Due to there being no specific level it can make it quite difficult at times to create a stunt sequence due to not having to follow a score sheet like in normal cheer. Varsity is lots of fun and whilst also training twice a week, they never know when a performance could be round the corner.





Competition Squads:



Their competition teams are both level 2 and 3, and they definitely do not train any differently to how all star teams train. Most of the people who are on level 2 or 3 have competed in all star divisions before and for those that haven’t, they have seriously worked up their stamina and skills to be able to compete at all star level. They train three times a week and compete at three competitions a year, FC University nationals, ICC Nationals, and BCA Nationals even though this year they swapped BCA for Legacy in wales. Our competition squads do a mixture of stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance just like any other standard all star team would do.


How does your competition team compare to an All star team?


13422235_628685023948257_3887170064440790512_oIn our level 3 competition team we have three athletes who have competed at the Cheerleading Worlds Championships and also our head coach Stefan has been competing at Worlds since 2011.

Two of our athletes Laura Robertson and Olivia Broad have competed at worlds with Coventry Dynamite one of the most well known programs in the UK and Stefan Warren our head coach and Holly Barton our coach for the 2017-2018 season have both competed at worlds with Genesis Cheer. Holly Barton has said that the difference of training with a worlds team and with Trent Tigers is obviously different when it comes down to the level of stunts and tumbles but when it comes to commitment and conditioning it’s not much different. The level our tigers train to is extremely high and this has helped us walk away with 4 national champion titles and 3 grand champion titles as well.





What does a taster session entail?


“When it comes to trying out for tigers it is easy! Just show up to two of our taster sessions where we will teach you a dance in one and how to do some basic stunts in another. Our taster sessions are so much fun and a great way to get a feel for what you are doing, and also the fact you get to meet so many more people is just a bonus! From there we then have tryouts where you will perform the dance you learnt at our taster sessions and show off the stunts we taught you! There is no pressure at all, you don’t have to come with any skills at all, we have teams for everyone to fit in to and you will be surprised by how much you can learn just from a few sessions”




Another huge benefit of being part of cheerleading whilst at university is the amount of people you will meet! Nottingham Trent Tigers is huge and has so much potential for everyone who wants to join. We have a mixture of sober and going out socials which include trips to the cinema, meals and our famous society night out at ocean where we all dress up in insane fancy dress!




Why should you get involved with cheerleading at university?


Cheerleading is an amazing sport to get into and it doesn’t matter what age you are or what skills you have, cheerleading is for everyone. At university you get the plus of learning different things that you might not have tried before, without having to have done it in the past, whilst also getting to meet so many people at a time where everyone and everything is new around you. It is the perfect opportunity to meet people and socialise in a place you haven’t familiarise yourself with yet!



Social Media Links:

Instagram: (ntucheerleading)

Twitter: (NTUcheerleading

Facebook: (NTUCheerleading)

Snapchat: ntucheerleading


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