Erica Englebert and Gabi Butler spokes models for Re-branded Stunt Stand 2012

Hi Guy

I don’t know if people remember the stunt stand made by stunt studios

Stunt Stand was made to improve flyers’ stunting ability  by providing fliers an opportunity to safely practice their cheerleading stunt skills at any level without the risk of falling from the air

I remember there was a buzz about it last year because they were  maybe  going  to come to a British cheerleading competition to advertise their product but they didn’t seem to get much interest when people found out the product cost $399.00.

I do think this is really good concept allowing flyers to practice their stunting skill with the different insert

  • All-Girl insert
  • Side-Base insert
  • Full-Up spinning insert
  • Partner Stunt insert

I feel the stunt stand allows  flyers to go away and practice their skills without the pressure of training or their stunt group. It gives them the opportunity to study themselves without the fear of falling or hurting your bases, but.

As much as people and myself like this  product the $399.oo price t

ag is far too much for product that can only be used by one individual at  one time.

This is why I think they have now got spoke models Erica Englebert and Gabi Butler to help promote this product to their fans. This is smart idea because  I don’t  think  people would buy this product if it didn’t have cheerbrity  backing  and I like people to remember that Erica and Gabi were already good flyers before the stunt

If you have $399.00 I think this product will help your flying ability and build your confidants but if not two tins of bake beans will have to do lololol.

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