The perfect Christmas gift to get a cheerleader!


The Perfect Gifts for a Cheerleader!

Here is Cheer From Head To Toe guide for the perfect gifts to get a cheerleader!

Cheer Bows

No matter how many bows you have it will never be enough. Every cheerleader loves a good bow especially the ones that sparkle! The bigger the bow the closer you are to the Cheer Gods. Many companies also allow you to print lyrics, quotes or a message of their bows so they are perfect for Christmas.

We love this Mickey Mouse inspired bow by Blondie’s Bows and this green and lime bow by Holly Bows.


To look at more of bows please follow the links below

Holly Bows

Blondie’s Bows

Cheer Bags

Every Cheerleader needs a cheer bag to help them transport all there cheer gear around. The big trends are bag packs and they come in a variety of colours and designs. Nfinity do very spacious bags in a variety of styles. First cheer also do bags in different prints, our favourite being a orange backpack called Red Bust.


To look at more bags on First Cheer follow the link

First Cheer

Excel Cheer for Nfinity backpacks

Cheer Shorts

Cheer Shorts are a great gift for a cheerleader because Cheerleaders like to train hard and look good doing it. Cheer shorts are a must for any cheerleader because cheerleaders need clothing that allows them to move effectively and doesn’t restrict their movement. There are many different companies that provide sports clothing that are perfect for cheerleading.  Nike Pros are generally a favourite of the cheer community, they come in a variety of colours there is even a saying; “It’s all about Cheer bows and Nike pro’s”.  There are also Soffe Shorts and if you’re on a budget Primark also provide an array of fashionable shorts that are cheer suitable.

Click on the Sport Direct link to go straight to their website. Here are some of our  favourite Nike pro’s from their website.

Sport Direct


Stretch Bands

A key aspect of cheerleading is flexibility. Flexibility is required for jumps, stunts, tumbles and many other aspects of cheer. Getting a stretch band allows the athlete to stretch deeper by themselves pushing the athlete that little bit further.

You can get stretch Bands from  sport shops or Active wear sections in clothing shops


This past season we have seen nothing but diamante sparkles on uniforms, bows, sports bras and cheer shoes. Everyone loves sparkles and many companies sell loose gems that you can customise to you cheer gear. We can’t imagine anything more fun that customising our cheer clothing and turning up to training looking fierce. If you have diamantes on your cheer shoes you have no excuse not to point your toes during jumps! They are so many other cool ways you can customise your cheer gear, we would love to hear if you have any other cool tips!

The best place to look for Gems is, either your local cloth shop or Ebay

Cheer Shoes

The holy grail of gifts are cheer shoes. To perform well you need the right equipment and this is true for any sport but especially cheer. Wearing the right cheer shoes can transform your performance. There are many brands that produce cheer shoes such as Nfinity, Varsity and .

Excel Cheer = Nfinity Cheer shoes

Varsity for Varisty Cheer shoes

Living Cheer for Kaepa cheer shoes

Nfinity products

Every Cheerleader love Nfinity products from the Nfinity Backpacks  to the  cheer shoes, sports bras, legging etc. Excel Cheer have a great variety of Nfinity products from the Nfinity Princess backpack that everyone is desparate to get their hands to the Nfinity water bottles

Click on the Excel Cheer link to go straight to their website, here are some of the items Excel Cheer stock

Excel Cheer



Cheer Accessories

Cheerleading is one of the few sports that allows athletes to be part of a team and shine individuasl as well. Why not get other personalised cheer gear such as a jock jacket, a hoody, a phone case or a personalised sports bra.

First Cheer is great for Cheer Accessories you can get a variety of product such as phone cases, jewellery, keyrings, pillow cases. mugs and more.

Click on the First Cheer link to go straight to their website, here are some of our favourites from First Cheer

First Cheer


What would be your perfect gift for Christmas? Comment below and let us know! Share this with your friends if they are picking cheer Christmas gifts!