Unity Allstar black are the first team in UK history to be crown World Champions

Day 1

Day 2

Amanda Unity Allstar gym said

“In 2006 Tori ( co-owner of Unity Allstar gym) started a cheerleading team called Unity Allstars and I was lucky enough to be an athlete on the original team. In 2009 I came on board as a coach and we turned the team into a programme and that team was named Black. Black attended Worlds for the first time that year and came 11th. I was still an athlete then too, it was my first time on the worlds floor and I was lucky to do it 3 more times for Black in 2010,2011 and 2016.

This year was Blacks 11th year at Worlds. This year we gave our all. And this year, after so many years of hard work, of blood sweat and tears – we were crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS! 🥇

I cannot even explain how this feels. The team that started it all, the team that helped us create our programme and build our gym has become the first English team in history to win an Allstar division at Worlds. Today they inspire countless generations of children in our country, they are proof that hard work and perseverance pay off.

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