IASF Reverses Scoresheet Changes



He guys 

Wow, so much can change and then change back in 72 hours 

On Monday IASF made controversial change to the scoresheet that had major effects on international level 5 and level 6 divisions, here are the changes 



This change made social media go crazy and even a petition was created and signed by 35,000

IASF has reversed nearly all of their original changes to the scoresheet regarding tumbling and tosses.

What has changed

  • The only thing that remains different in levels 5 and 6 is that jumps and standing tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected (i.e. toe, hand, full).
  • In the updated rules, IASF makes it know that for tumbling incomplete twisting skills will carry a 1 point deduction.
  • They have also added that in levels 1-4, individual tumbling passes will not be considered in the scoring process.
  • In the updated rules for tosses, they make it clear that in levels 2-5, any toss that becomes inverted (heels over head) will be impose penalty  4 point deduction per occurrence.

Which we think is important, we have all seen that team that are pushing for skills they know they aren’t ready for but now hopefully people will think about safety aspect before throwing a skill they aren’t ready for.

This is why we love the Cheer community

IASF reversed these rule changes because of  the cheer community came  together and stood up for what they believe in. UK  cheer community have work tirelessly to reach a Elite stand of cheer that everyone inspire to be and we deserve to  be because we are putting the hard work so it shouldn’t be taken away.

What do you think about the IASF now reversing most of the changes , comment below.

Here is the full document for IASF scoring 

Read their document here.\

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Breaking new:International Divisions Score Sheets that has changed everything


Here are the four big changes affecting the International Divisions this year.

Individual Tumbling Passes

Individual tumbling passes (tumbling passes by a single person) will not be considered in the scoring process.


2. Singles vs Doubles

In level 5 and 6, single and double twisting skills carry the same value.


3. Twisting In Basket Tosses

Regardless of level, twisting is not allowed in tosses.


4. Jumps and Standing Tumbling

Jumps and Standing Tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected.will be judged separately, even if connected.

The link below is for the full document


This has sent the cheer community into chaos as most people have choreograph their routine as the UK cheer season does end in July and the first cheer competition starts this weekend!!!

Les Stella has release this statement, Les is one of the leading consulting in the cheer industry has to say.

Here are CFHTT are perplexed and nervous  about the new scoresheet/scoring system that the IASF released, but we are hoping videos will explain the reasoning along with any sort of response from Les  Stella before people go completely nuts. We want people to not lose faith keep working teams and then if it not sorted lets work together to find a solution


How do you guys feel about this issues comment below

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Everything you need to know about University Cheerleading




Hey Community,

With a new competitive cheer season fast approaching and today being the day a lot of student receive their A-level result. We thought it’d be fun to talk about University cheer and difference between Uni Cheer and Allstar Cheer with the help of  Nottingham Trent Tigers


At Nottingham Trent University they Cheerleading team is called Trent  Tigers hey have 4 different teams, which are a performance squad, a varsity squad and a level 2 and level 3 competition squad.

All squads participate at different events which engage different audiences and this enables them to reach a bigger a group of people and show them what cheerleading is all about.

Performance Squad:


Performance squad is a team which people can join if they are starting out in cheer for the first time and  you want to learn from the ground up and they train once a week.




Varsity Squad:

18382258_1475014255905359_2941499294303125504_n Varsity squad is a team which performs at all of the varsity sport performances and does not have a specific level. In varsity you can do whatever stunts you like, as it is all about impressing the audience and getting them excited! Varsity is a mixture of stunting and dancing which can be in a routine from 3-4 minutes long, which is obviously a lot longer than a standard all star cheer routine. Due to there being no specific level it can make it quite difficult at times to create a stunt sequence due to not having to follow a score sheet like in normal cheer. Varsity is lots of fun and whilst also training twice a week, they never know when a performance could be round the corner.





Competition Squads:



Their competition teams are both level 2 and 3, and they definitely do not train any differently to how all star teams train. Most of the people who are on level 2 or 3 have competed in all star divisions before and for those that haven’t, they have seriously worked up their stamina and skills to be able to compete at all star level. They train three times a week and compete at three competitions a year, FC University nationals, ICC Nationals, and BCA Nationals even though this year they swapped BCA for Legacy in wales. Our competition squads do a mixture of stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance just like any other standard all star team would do.


How does your competition team compare to an All star team?


13422235_628685023948257_3887170064440790512_oIn our level 3 competition team we have three athletes who have competed at the Cheerleading Worlds Championships and also our head coach Stefan has been competing at Worlds since 2011.

Two of our athletes Laura Robertson and Olivia Broad have competed at worlds with Coventry Dynamite one of the most well known programs in the UK and Stefan Warren our head coach and Holly Barton our coach for the 2017-2018 season have both competed at worlds with Genesis Cheer. Holly Barton has said that the difference of training with a worlds team and with Trent Tigers is obviously different when it comes down to the level of stunts and tumbles but when it comes to commitment and conditioning it’s not much different. The level our tigers train to is extremely high and this has helped us walk away with 4 national champion titles and 3 grand champion titles as well.





What does a taster session entail?


“When it comes to trying out for tigers it is easy! Just show up to two of our taster sessions where we will teach you a dance in one and how to do some basic stunts in another. Our taster sessions are so much fun and a great way to get a feel for what you are doing, and also the fact you get to meet so many more people is just a bonus! From there we then have tryouts where you will perform the dance you learnt at our taster sessions and show off the stunts we taught you! There is no pressure at all, you don’t have to come with any skills at all, we have teams for everyone to fit in to and you will be surprised by how much you can learn just from a few sessions”




Another huge benefit of being part of cheerleading whilst at university is the amount of people you will meet! Nottingham Trent Tigers is huge and has so much potential for everyone who wants to join. We have a mixture of sober and going out socials which include trips to the cinema, meals and our famous society night out at ocean where we all dress up in insane fancy dress!




Why should you get involved with cheerleading at university?


Cheerleading is an amazing sport to get into and it doesn’t matter what age you are or what skills you have, cheerleading is for everyone. At university you get the plus of learning different things that you might not have tried before, without having to have done it in the past, whilst also getting to meet so many people at a time where everyone and everything is new around you. It is the perfect opportunity to meet people and socialise in a place you haven’t familiarise yourself with yet!



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Chester Vixen need your help !

Hey guys Chester Vixens​ need your help

PLEASE share or even like this photo (not the status) to give the Chester Vixens a chance to win £750 which will help pay for training facilities.

They currently train on 2 panels of dead floor and the rest is a wooden floor. That doesn’t take away from their passion for the sport. Despite our lack of facilities, the Chester Vixens are 4x National Champions. Not only does their division getting tougher each season, they have also lost over half the squad.
The only way we can improve and have a chance at that 5th consecutive National Champ title is to train with the right equipment, allowing us to stunt at the same time, on a safe surface to get the most out of training.

Please follow this link to like their photo so they can get these mats they desperately needs. We all know what it like when you’re uni cheerleader and you don’t get any support from your university. We know as community we can help these talent ladies achieve this goal. They are 4x consecutive champions who train on 2 panel of dead floor so think what they could achieve with proper equipment.
Please please please help guys
Go to the link below and show you’re support



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