A Diary of University Cheerleader




1510085466209.jpgWhat a year we’ve had! We’re back once again to show you what the Chester Vixens have been up to over the past couple of months. December was such a whirlwind. We were only in university for 2 weeks but so much happened in that short space of time!





Sponsored SleepoutWe kicked off December with Chester Aid to The Homeless’ Sponsored Sleep Out, which we participate in every year. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the number of members we had take part this year. Nearly 30 of us took to a Chester

carpark at 10pm on a Friday night, with a sleeping bag and woolly hat.  This year was tough as it rained quite heavily, but most of us stuck it out until the end (6am the following morning). It was such a grounding experience. It was tough for us, knowing we had a hot shower and warm bed to go home to, but for many people, this is their life. We ended up raising over £800 for the charity, which was fantastic!



Our second charitable event of the month was our monthly fundraiser. For the past two years now, we’ve dressed up as characters from the nativity. It’s always a laugh. This year we did it in aid of Team Unlimbited, and raised just over £100. That money went towards making customised prosthetic limbs for 4 children.



Every Friday our Sport and Active Lifestyle team put on a weekly circuit training session. It’s perfect for us as we don’t have enough time in our sessions to dedicate to conditioning. And as we all know, love it or hate it, conditioning is vital! The last circuits session of the year was Christmas themed. Our Prep Squad member Maja won a prize for being one of the best dressed attendees in her Christmas Tree outfit, and we also won a group prize for attending weekly. It was great for the girls to get some recognition for attending. After work, university and training all week, circuits isn’t the first thing I want to be doing on a Friday evening either. But to get a box of chocolates out of it, definitely made it worthwhile! As a sport so heavily based on teamwork, it’s essential that we are training to be the best we can be, not only for ourselves but for our teammates. So those that turn up week in, week out have definitely shown their dedication to the team.


In house Christmas Showcase


Our penultimate event of the year was our Christmas showcase. This isn’t something we’ve done before, as our routines are never quite ready by this point. However, we wanted to give our members more opportunities to perform before going out on the competition mat. And what better environment for your first performance than in front of your own club? Whilst the routines were still shaky, with some timing issues and bobbles, it was great to actually perform the routine to someone. From a coach’s perspective, it was handy to see how people perform and what issues we may be facing. It also enabled the athletes to realise how much work needs to be put in between now and comp. We went over the feedback from our Christmas showcase at our first session back after Christmas, and I have used that to plan our sessions between now and our first competition.

Christmas Meal

Lastly, we had our Christmas meal. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up nicely, instead of in their gym wear (how we normally see each other). Each month we’ve been awarding “Vixen of the month” to a member of each team, and at the meal we gave out medals for these. We also gave out awards to the member of each team that has had the highest percentage of involvement in the club. As a university sports team, it’s not just about the training and competitions. There’s also a high emphasis on community involvement and charity fundraising. We’ve been struggling to get the full club involved in these extra-curricular (for a better phrase) activities. It’s difficult as a committee member, when you spend a lot of time organising and planning these events, for only 10 people to participate, when you have a club of over 60 members. We came up with the idea of awarding the members with the highest involvement each term, and awarding the team with the highest involvement over the year. I’m not entirely sure it’ll improve things, but I guess only time will tell.

New Uniforms

We kicked January off with our new uniform reveals. This is something everyone has been excited about. Whilst it has been really stressful at times it was all worth it. We look much more like a cheer team now in our training t-shirts. They may not be All Star quality, but they’re not bad for being on a budget. Big thanks to Great British Bows for the bow and t-shirt deal!

Prep Squad were over the moon with their new uniforms (which are the uniforms Cheer have been wearing to competitions for the past 5 years). They were also able to show it off at a charity showcase hosted by our Pole Fitness Society. They are from Cheer World UK.

Pom’s uniforms are due to arrive shortly. The team have already been shown the design and are all eager to receive them.

For the first time we also had a male uniform made, which David loved!

Cheer was the big one. It was difficult to get a design that not only everyone will like and afford, but one that everyone would feel comfortable wearing. We got our uniforms from Pink Fudge with a great deal. They were really affordable for a uniform. To save money however, we chose to add rhinestones ourselves. Whilst extremely time consuming, it really makes a difference. We had the whole team sit in a circle whilst our Treasurer, Hannah, begun handing out the t-shirts. Then, myself and Millie emerged from the cupboard wearing the new uniforms. We hadn’t shown anyone so we were really nervous for the response. However, everybody seemed to really like them, so we can’t wait for the first opportunity to show them off as a team. We also made a really cheesy uniform reveal video at the Eastgate Clock. For video evidence, follow this link:


Super Team

Super Team

Again, in our first week back, we participated in the annual Super Team. This is an event our Students Union host where all the university’s sports teams come together and battle it out over several fitness tests. This year, Cheerleading performed phenomenally. We had two individual wins. Maja from Prep Squad won the plank, with an amazing time of Five minutes and twenty six  seconds, against the likes of rowing. And I myself (Rachel) won the sit and reach with a score of fifty nine. The scale ended at sixty , so I was slightly disappointed I didn’t pass that, but I hit my nose on the board, what’s a girl to do? The team challenge was to pull a truck as fast as we can over a distance of around 5-10m (my internal ruler isn’t fantastic). We chose 6 of our strongest to endure the truck pull. It was a lot easier than we first thought. We even placed 4th in the team truck pull! Again, showing that cheerleading is a sport to be reckoned with.

Prep Squad

1510089251509.jpgHere’s what Prep Squad Captain Summer had to say about Prep Squad over the past month:

“Prep Squad’s routine has been getting better and better with every performance. We still need to work on cleaning up and focusing on smiling throughout the performance. We have really enjoyed the basketball games attending both Home and Away games we look forward to games starting back up again, and the arrival of our new uniforms. Our aims for the upcoming months are to work on sharpening movements, performance faces and general fitness”


With less than two months until competition, Pom and Cheer are really feeling the heat. After the performances at the Christmas Showcase, teams are realising just how hard we need to work to repeat the successes of last season. Hopefully this shows in attendance and efforts during training. We’re really into the thick of it with university work as well. It’s really starting to take a toll on our members and committee, myself included. I’m finding myself with little sympathy now when members tell me they can’t attend training due to university work and being busy. I myself am studying a Masters degree, alongside my All-Star team, two jobs and planning the Vixens sessions also. Time management is key, and a great skill to take to any job in the future.

Join us again at the end of the month where we’ll discuss more about our facilities, sponsorship, team photos and more.

Make sure to keep updated on our Social Media platforms in the meantime

(Facebook: Chester Vixens, Instagram: @uoccheerleading).

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The Best Cheerleader Movies and TV Show



Hi Guys,

As we all know CFHTT are obsessed with every aspect of cheerleading and that includes movies. If you’re a true cheerleader, you need to have watched these movies Here’s our list of the best cheerleading movies/tv show. These shows focus on the sport of cheerleading , including what happens on the mat as well as behind the scenes.


The Bring it on Franchise


We should all be thankful to Bring it on movies because it’s a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon with your besties. We love all the Bring it on movies apart from the last one but that’s another story.

The Bring it on movies are so bad their good. We would say that the first bring it on film is actually a good movie but following on from that the films are all cringe, but we love them all dearly.

Here a list of all of Bring it on Movies

Bring It On (2000)

Bring It On Again (2004)

Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)

Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)

Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack (2017)


These films follow the story of a coming of age girl who is forced into a new environment which causes her to fight for what she believes in. She faces challenges along the way but in the end, becomes the victor learning valuable life skills.

Our favourite moment in any of these movies is the cheer battle. They have a battle at the end of every film showing off the best stunts and tumbles.

These scenes are epic with lots of great stunt and tumbles.

Cheer fact the Flamingos in Film Bring it on in it to win it are actually Top Gun Allstars, how cool is that.

Also In Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack feature two UK athletes Aimee O’Reilly from Unity Allstars and Ellen Bates from Coventry Dynamite.

Cheerleading documentaries

Twinkles Chasing perfection

Is made for cheerleader from one of the best Cheerleading programme in the world World Cup Allstars.

This is one of the best if not the best cheerleading documentary we have ever seen. If you’re a cheerleader, you will relate to every aspect of the film.


Meet The Twinkles the World Cup Shooting Stars youth team. They are competitive cheerleading team of elite athletes aged between 8-11 year-old girls. Competing at the highest level for their age group. They mix tumbling, cheerleading and precise choreography to create amazing two-and-a-half-minute routine that seems unbelievable for athletes this age.

This cheer documentary is amazing; we’ve never been so jealous of an eight-year-old in my life lolololol.

As soon as you finish watching this documentary you want to watch it again. When watching this documentary, you can’t believe that these children are between the ages of 8-11 years.

America Cheerleader

Is another good documentary, based in the competitive world of cheerleading, American Cheerleader follows the journey of two high school teams fighting for the coveted National High School Cheerleading Championship and all they want is the Nationals Jacket. Overcoming challenges through passion, dedication and teamwork, twelve girls from New Jersey and twelve girls from Kentucky show the world what it means to be an American High School Cheerleader.

This is a great documentary and you will feel so inspired but the only downside its only available on Amazon but it is worth the watch,


Cheer Squad

Cheer Squad is a Canadian reality television series available on Netflix. It follows the Canadian cheer team the Great White Sharks as they work together on the road to the world championships.

This show is 40 minutes episode of heaven and another inspiring show that just makes you want to get in the gym and train hard.

ps   you can fine a lot of the episodes on YouTube so that’s a win for everyone


Cheerleaders on Awesomeness TV

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t watch Cheerleaders which has been following Smoed attending Worlds for the last couple of seasons. These episodes are roughly 10 minutes long so you can blitz through a season so easily, and it’s all on YouTube so its free.

This show features some of the greats like Gabi Butler and Kiara Knowles to name a few.


CMT Central Jersey Allstars

The show follows the Central Jersey Allstars, run by Patty Ann Romero, who is as no-nonsense coach. They are in the small coed division who want to make a name for themselves. You follow them on their journey to worlds and see if they can make it to day two. The first season you can find online and the second season is on You tube and is now called Cheerleaders New Jersey.


What do you think about our list do you have any favourites we should add to our list comment below.



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Catch up with University of Leeds, Gryphons






Hi Guys, my name is Millie

I got the chance to attend one of The University of Leeds level 3 team, Gryphons, training sessions. I had a chat with two of the teams coaches, Owsh Lowe and Abi Greaves, to see how the season was going so far, and what we could expect. With competition season just around the corner, it was great to see how the team was progressing, and how the hard work they’d been putting on was paying off.


So here is how it went…

How would you say training is going so far this season?

Owsh: We’ve just done choreography for the routine, and put everything together, so we’ve just been perfecting the key points at the minute. We’ve got a routine now, so we can actually start working on the stunts for comp. It’s exciting!


So have you had many new freshers join?

More than any other year, nearly half the team is freshers this year and normally, on level 3 anyway, we only have like 5 or 6, so there is a lot this year.

Do you think this has made it more difficult?

Owsh: There’s quite a few experienced cheerleaders but obviously you’ve got to make sure everybody is doing it the same. We’ve been just drilling basic skills to make sure everybody is in time, but no, I think overall, it’s pretty strong.

Abi: Yeah, I think we’ve got a really strong team this year, we’ve got a lot of gymnasts and tumblers so it’s looking really good.

Owsh: Yeah, I think there’s only about 7 on the team that cant tuck back so it’s very exciting.

In Leeds the two biggest universities, University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett have a rugby varsity match. Every year thousands of students flock Headingley Carnegie Stadium, and each university has a cheerleading team do a half time performance. Gryphons represent Uni of Leeds.

How was Varsity for you, in terms of being ready and the general experience.

Owsh: We do it every year but this year it was really really rainy, so we didn’t know if we were actually going to be able to do it. We had to go on the pitch and try and skid around. We thought everyone was going to come off very injured, but it was actually fine, yeah it was really good in the end.


Have you done cheerleading before university?

Owsh: I have yeah.

Abi: Yeah, I have too.

What teams were you on?

Abi: I was on Aviator All Stars.

Owsh: I was on Derby Extreme.

How would you say Uni cheer differs to all-star cheer?

I think with our team its quite unique, in the sense that in the past however many years its been Aviator coaches doing it. It’s still ran by all-star coaches so it’s still very structured. This year is the first year that it’s student coach based, but they’re still very involved, they’ve done the routine and stuff and they’ll come in when they can.

Abi: I definitely prefer uni cheer though, the fact that everyone is over 18 really helps. It’s a lot more social and there is much more of a sense of a team. You get closer to everyone, ‘cause obviously everyone is in the same kind of boat as well.




If you could pick the best and the most stressful thing about it, what would it be?

Owsh: To be honest I think the best thing is the actual social side of it. Quite a few girls will come in who don’t get along with their flat mates, or their course or stuff, but you’ve still got a really strong foundation of friends that you’ve made from cheer. It’s difficult not to make friends with the kind of sport that it is.

Abi: I’d say the worst thing is just when you’ve got a lot of uni to do at the same time, there’s times where I just don’t want to go to training, but I have too. But then when you do go it’s great, sometimes there’s just things I should be doing instead.

Owsh: Training is always quite late as well. We’ve got quite a lot of medics, for example, who are always on placement and don’t finish until 6, so we always have training at 8 or 9. It does always start really late and everyone just wants to go to bed.



When is your first competition? Are you excited?

Owsh: Future Cheer, in February. We are very excited, the competition the past 2 years, we’ve kind of fallen out with it, we’ve always just come shy of the top spot. We came second last year but the team that beat us got the highest score of the whole competition, and we got second highest. This year, we are going to have it, this is the year.

How many comps do you normally do in a season and which ones?

3, it varies which ones. We normally do FC ones, in my first year we did a legacy one and last year we did ICC Nationals, and we might go back to that one. We are still debating on our second comp.

Anything interesting to add that we haven’t covered?

Owsh: I think the good thing about this year especially, is that our level 2 team are almost a complete brand-new team.  Our match team is normally quite small, but last year there were like 70 people, maybe more, so a lot of them have moved to a competition team. We’ve got one girl on this team from match team last year. Being on match team makes them more comfortable if they’ve never done it before to be on a comp team. I think it’s really good in that way.


I really enjoyed catching up with this team and wish them the best of luck for all their comps this season.


Until next love Millie

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The perfect Christmas gift for a cheerleader



Here at CFHTT we love Christmas but we know that people struggle to know what to buy for their Cheer friends. we have created a list with all the cheer must have so you can see a smile from ear to ear this Christmas morning.


Cheer bags

Every Cheerleader wants a sparkly cheer bag, they come in so many colours there is a bag for everyone.


THE MUST HAVE BAG OF 2017 is the Nfinity Unicorn Backpack or Unicorn Rebel Dream Bag.


If you want to put a smile on your cheerleader’s face, get them this bag and you can thank us later.


There is also a Nfinity Millennial Backpack but this bag is currently out of stock but keep checking the Excel website because they may restock it before Christmas.



Here’s a list of all the different providers of cheer bags.

  • Living Cheer- Nfinity
  • Cheer Worlds UK- Nfinity
  • Unity Allstars Pro shop- Rebel
  • Excel Cheer -Nfinity
  • Cheer Gear- Nfinity
  • Varsity UK – Varsity


Be sure to check different websites because a lot of these sites carrying the same bags but carry different discount such as free shipping.


Cheer Bows


No matter how many bows you have it will never be enough. Every cheerleader loves a good bow especially the ones that sparkle! The bigger the bow the more  sassy you feel. Many companies also allow you to print lyrics, quotes or a message of their bows so they are perfect for Christmas.

Here are a few brands we love

Primacy Cheer, KL Bows, Holly Bows,  Bows of London and Bow Zone UK


Cheer Shorts

Cheer Shorts are a great gift for a cheerleader because Cheerleaders like to train hard and look good doing so. You must of heard the saying it’s all about the Cheer Bows and Nike pro’s. Nike Pros are generally a favourite of the cheer community, they come in a variety of colours.

If you’re on a budget (or just smart with your money) you can find a vast selection of Nike Pro’s on Sport Direct or Ebay.

There are also other brands that provide cheer short such as Soffe, Nfinity and now you can also purchase Varsity shorts.

Here are some of our favourites Cheer shorts

Nike Pro’s

2017-12-10 20.05.13.png

Below Nfinity , Soffe and Varsity


Cheer Apparel

Cheerleading is all about being a part of a team and representing it. A perfect gift for Christmas would be your teams apparel. Many teams have training bows, sport bras, spirit jersey, bags even pen etc. Get in contact with your coach and see what available.


Cheer Shoes

The holy grail of gifts is cheer shoes. To perform well you need the right equipment and this is true for any sport but especially cheer. Wearing the right cheer shoes can transform your performance.  There are few brands that sell cheer shoes in UK


Nfinity = Excel Cheer

Varsity = Varsity UK

Kaepa = Living Cheer

No Limits= Cheer UP World


What would be your perfect gift for Christmas? Comment below and let us know! Share this with your friends if they are picking cheer Christmas gifts!

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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IASF Reverses Scoresheet Changes



He guys 

Wow, so much can change and then change back in 72 hours 

On Monday IASF made controversial change to the scoresheet that had major effects on international level 5 and level 6 divisions, here are the changes 



This change made social media go crazy and even a petition was created and signed by 35,000

IASF has reversed nearly all of their original changes to the scoresheet regarding tumbling and tosses.

What has changed

  • The only thing that remains different in levels 5 and 6 is that jumps and standing tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected (i.e. toe, hand, full).
  • In the updated rules, IASF makes it know that for tumbling incomplete twisting skills will carry a 1 point deduction.
  • They have also added that in levels 1-4, individual tumbling passes will not be considered in the scoring process.
  • In the updated rules for tosses, they make it clear that in levels 2-5, any toss that becomes inverted (heels over head) will be impose penalty  4 point deduction per occurrence.

Which we think is important, we have all seen that team that are pushing for skills they know they aren’t ready for but now hopefully people will think about safety aspect before throwing a skill they aren’t ready for.

This is why we love the Cheer community

IASF reversed these rule changes because of  the cheer community came  together and stood up for what they believe in. UK  cheer community have work tirelessly to reach a Elite stand of cheer that everyone inspire to be and we deserve to  be because we are putting the hard work so it shouldn’t be taken away.

What do you think about the IASF now reversing most of the changes , comment below.

Here is the full document for IASF scoring 

Read their document here.\

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Breaking new:International Divisions Score Sheets that has changed everything


Here are the four big changes affecting the International Divisions this year.

Individual Tumbling Passes

Individual tumbling passes (tumbling passes by a single person) will not be considered in the scoring process.


2. Singles vs Doubles

In level 5 and 6, single and double twisting skills carry the same value.


3. Twisting In Basket Tosses

Regardless of level, twisting is not allowed in tosses.


4. Jumps and Standing Tumbling

Jumps and Standing Tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected.will be judged separately, even if connected.

The link below is for the full document


This has sent the cheer community into chaos as most people have choreograph their routine as the UK cheer season does end in July and the first cheer competition starts this weekend!!!

Les Stella has release this statement, Les is one of the leading consulting in the cheer industry has to say.

Here are CFHTT are perplexed and nervous  about the new scoresheet/scoring system that the IASF released, but we are hoping videos will explain the reasoning along with any sort of response from Les  Stella before people go completely nuts. We want people to not lose faith keep working teams and then if it not sorted lets work together to find a solution


How do you guys feel about this issues comment below

Until next

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